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The All Thing You Must Know About Letterhead Template

Letterhead document is referred to letter paper that used to demonstrate current layout and typography skills. Letterhead is very needed for professional correspondence. Furthermore, it’s the best medium to reinforce the company’s brand identity to show your stakeholder and customer about your trustworthy reputation of the company. Explore more about letterhead template word in this article.

wpdm Letterhead Template


Letterhead Main Element Creation

Letter head template has the main elements like the name, address, logo and another reference. Letterhead is should consistently look and feel in your company identity. Letterhead is very reliable with the planning and item list. Here is the explanation in the information down below.

The Suggestion Tips Before Creating Letter

  • Pay attention to Images and Logos

Images and logos are an essential part of the letterhead template format that improve the quality of the letterhead design. Make sure the images and logos have the personalization of your branding identity. Furthermore, it is better to create images and logos that compatible with any printer and computer, so it will make the display of the image and logo clear and not blur.

Letterhead Template

  • Identity Style Writing

The next element that needs to get attention is the same style of writing. Often the company creates the specific writing style to highlight and bold their company character in the letterhead template document. Just like the design, the guides can range from the simple into the complex one, so it’s better for you to choose a suitable one for your company letterhead.

Letterhead Template


The Procedure to Make Letter Head Header

  • The Start Menu

To make it the letterhead header you can start it in the blank letterhead template word document. Then click the insert menu and select the header section. By clicking this, you can see the list of various starting header styles writing format.

Letterhead Template

  • Customize The Image

Next thing you must do is to pick the style you prefer in the letterhead template header. Just enter the design menu that contains header marker tab in the left and placeholder text in the top. Next thing you can insert the picture in the design menu by clicking the images from the insert section.

Letterhead Template


The Step to Make Letterhead Footer

  • Start Menu Creation

Same like letterhead header, the fotter also enter the menu to start correctly insert list and select the footer section. In the footer section its provide the series of footer styles writing format. Just click the style, and then the letterhead template or placeholder footer will appear in your document

Letterhead Template

  • Image Adding

To adding the image for the letterhead footer, you can go to the design menu and select the footer marker. In the section, you can be adding and customize the style of your image. The image will adjust its size automatically according to the footer style.

Letterhead Template

Letterhead template word will take care in the best way of your correspondence. Don’t forget to insert the letterhead in every information you send to your client. Lastly, combine it with excellent information writing that understandable and represent the company in the report.


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