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The living will or have the other name advance directive is the document used to assist medical decision in a certain health issue especially relate to a life-threatening condition. The living will have the 3 main topics such as life-sustaining treatment, life support and end of life wishes. Read more about the living will template in this article.

living will template


The Goodness About Living Will

The living will have the definition as the legal document that outlines the patient preference regard the life-saving measures action that allowed to perform to save or leave it in dying condition. It gives the advantages of the adult or the old man to choose their closing phase of the lives. Explore more about the living will template in the information down below

The Validity and Effect of Living Will

1)    Effect of Living Will

The living will template document can provide every possible outcome you wish unless you use the clear language to explain the situation and precise description about wishes. The decision of living will is up to you and the doctor that handle your health treatment. The living will is recommended to use in the case determined as the medically hopeless or considered waste of resources to maintain lives.

living will template

2)    The validity of Living Will

The living will template validity is require the proper local and state authority also law document as the foundation to legalize it. Make sure the document is signed by the living will maker and have the several number witnesses then notarized in the right procedure. The doctor that gives you health treatment is legally bound to carry the guidelines of the living will and the last will also testament only applicable after the writer is dead.

living will template


The Procedure Make The Living Will

1)    Decide The Health Treatment Options

The first thing to do is to know the deceased well and course of action that you can take. Depending on individual and family preference is the choice to keep it alive or die peacefully. That final decision will reflect in the living will template form.

living will template

2)    Arrange End Life Decision

If the die peacefully option is choosing then in the living will template writer must appoint the health care agent to carry out the patient die wishes. The die wishes can be about the procession of funeral and the heirship. The health care agent also will assist in implementing the dying wish of the living will writer.

living will template


The Value of Living Will

1)    The Power of Attorney

In the living will template legal document there is a specific person appointed as the person with authority. The authority especially related to health care capacity to execute healthcare wishes. Furthermore, this attorney is granted to make medical decision to assist you to decide regarding your healthy life.

living will template

2)    Last Will and Testament

The living will template sheet is characterized by having last will and testament as an integral part of its legal document. The document outlines the personal decision regarding passing on the heirship either to relatives and friends after his or her death. Usually this also relatable for the heirship of the assets and properties that own by the living will user.

living will template

The living will template is help you to control your own medical procedure to preserve your life and the better instruction to end life car. With the document, you have the active voice of your preference in a healthy life. So create the living will in the comprehensive way and beneficial purpose of your life.


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