Sample Logic Model Template

The Discovery of Logic Model Template

Logic model or well known as the M& E framework is the planning tool that organize the input,outputs, and outcomes of the program to explain the grand design of the program. The logic model commonly used by the company project or the institution like UN. Explore more about the logic model template in this article.

Logic Model Template


The Essence of Logic Model

The logic model is sourced to the theories of change and use the pictures and word as the explanation medium. The purpose of logic model is create for present clear plan use the comprehensive resource to meet the targeted objectives.Learn more about logic model template in this article

The Advantage Using Logic Model

  • The Best Communicating Medium

Logic model template format is the best way to communicating the program to every participant involved in it and to the outsider with comprehensive, direct and compelling mechanism. Logic model  must have the detailed information to be presented clearly. Because the logic model is purposed to make the clear scheme of the program to everyone

Logic Model Template

  • The Precise Instruction Tool

The logic model template scheme is the best tool to use for instructing all participant that involved in the program. The logic mode will give the shared understanding about the program designed to work. Furthermore it gives enlighment for the participant about their right and responbilities in the completion of the program.

Logic Model Template

Implementation Of Logic Model Template

  • The Planning Scheme

Logic model template tool can be use as the fundamental base to make the strategies for the new program. Implemented the model in the correct way will  be able to establish the precise goal, target and timelines. Model also can be applicable to hasten the whole process and arrange all the resources precisely.

Logic Model Template

  • Evaluation Indicator

Logic model template have the function to record the accomplishment that achived in the running program. The record can be formed into the organize document and any evidence that exist in the program. Logic model can also be used as the indicator and reference to evaluate the mechanism and strategies that works and failure in the program.

Logic Model Template

The Component of Logic Model

  • Input-Processed Component

These component of logic model template structure is the base resource of the program that will will run the program. The component also relate with the activities  guide that must be follow by the participant and organizer that involved in the program. The application is include technical assistance-training, financial resources and the infrastructure-equipment.

Logic Model Template

  • Output-Impact

Next component is the output-impact that very relatable with the result that deliverable by the program activities. These logic model template component is include the short term and long term effect of the program. The effect include the change of knowledge, attitudes and behavior of the participant.

Logic Model Template

Logic model template is used to assistance  you to show effective visual representation about the new program that will run. The logic mode also provide the scheme and all the activities to make the program will succesed. By showing the logic model it will unite everyone involved into structurized mechanism and synchronize goal.


Logic Model Template Logic Model Template Logic Model Template Logic Model Template Logic Model Template Logic Model Template

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