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How to Choose the Right Media Schedule Template

A media schedule template helps you schedule your dealings with mass media, social media, and other types of media that you use in your business. As a means to spread information and to stay connected with people, media have become so crucial in every business that without exploiting their power, a business can hardly succeed in the competition. Many business entities, from individuals and freelancers to major corporations, have even used media as their primary channels to earn profits. Because there are many tasks required to make sure that your use of media will be beneficial for your business, you need to schedule those tasks appropriately. You can start by choosing the right template for your media schedule.

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Which Media Schedule Template You Should Pick?

To choose the right media schedule template, you need to first decide what kind of media you use in your business. Although all media can be called mass media because they are primarily used to reach the mass, there is currently a widely accepted distinction between mass media and social media. Mass media generally consist of media that allow a one-way spread of information, such as television and newspaper. Social media, on the other hand, allow two-way interaction with your audience, allowing you to get faster feedback for the information you disseminate. For each of these two media, you need a different media schedule template to schedule their management.

  1. For Mass Media

If your business requires you to use mass media extensively, the tasks that the media schedule template lists should include one-way communication that doesn’t require direct interaction or feedback submission. These tasks usually include article posting, advertising, television program schedules, and press release. Although you don’t expect immediate feedback, you still need to schedule them—and this is actually crucial—because mass media will ultimately provide you with feedback that is essential for your business, such as TV rating and customer reviews.

  1. For Social Media

If you rely on social media to carry out your business activities, the media schedule template that you use should allow you to schedule tasks that focus more on interaction with your audience. If you use Facebook, for instance, you should schedule status updates, video uploads, comment responding, product updates, etc. Different social media require different tasks, so if you use Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In, you should choose a template that includes all crucial tasks relevant to the social media that you use.


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