Meeting Minutes Template Printable

The meeting is usually held to discuss a problem or issue that occurs either around us or an organization or company. When a meeting is held, many ideas and thoughts come out of the meeting from the participants which can help in solving problems. To avoid the idea just disappearing, it is important to note them in a written document.

Everything, idea, thought, concern or opinion that occur in a meeting are recorded on a note called minutes. Minutes is an official record made based on a meeting and kept by an organization or company. Minutes must be made accurately based on any ideas or thoughts that were released during the meeting because this record is also legal.

Many people refused when they are appointed as a person who takes minutes. Though taking minutes is a task for a secretary. It is due to being someone who takes minutes require you to be thorough, organized, has high typing skills, has a good memory, and most importantly, has good hearing. Writing minutes relies on hearing and memory that are accompanied by high typing skills.

When you are appointed to be someone who takes minutes, meeting minutes templates can help you get the right minutes format. You no longer need to worry about what should be available in a minute because everything is available in the meeting minutes template and you only have to use it.

How to be effective in writing minutes

Making meeting minutes is not an easy job. Therefore, to ensure that there is no missed information written in the meeting minutes, here are tips to be effective in writing minutes:

  1. Prepare

    the meeting agenda

Before the meeting begins, make sure that you already know what material will be discussed at the meeting. You also need to record the purpose of the meeting.

  1. Detail what kind of meeting was held

What is meant by detailing is mentioning whether the meeting is formal or non-formal. In addition, you need to write down the name of the organization or company that held the meeting, the time and date of the meeting and its location.

In addition, do not miss to write down the chairman of the organization and also the secretary. Record the estimated number of members present. If the meeting is a continuation of the previous meeting, you can write the results of the previous meeting so that it is clearer where was the discussion at the previous meeting.

  1. Prepare outline meeting minutes

Before the meeting begins, it is a good idea to prepare an outline regularly and coherently according to the meeting agenda that will take place. It will help you speed up the recording process.


What should be done during the meeting

The real battle is when the meeting takes place. You must be prepared to listen carefully, be remembered, and write down the information in the meeting minutes.

  1. Re-read the previous meeting minutes

When the meeting that will take place is a continuation of the previous meeting, you are required to re-read the previous minutes to find out what has happened at the previous meeting.

  1. Avoid taking notes with the word-for-word method

The technique of recording words per word is not effective to be applied in taking meeting minutes. You can be left behind because you only focus on the words that are spoken. It’s better to note the main points of ideas, thoughts, and opinions that are issued.

  1. Be more careful to record information at meeting minutes

The most important of all stages is ensuring that what is written in the minutes is important information. You might be able to confirm with your coworkers about this.

Minutes meeting is an important part of holding a meeting because they contain all ideas, thought, opinions, and concerns that were issued during the meeting. Therefore, you can use the meeting minutes template so that the minutes are more organized.


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