Mileage Log Template Sample

Mileage Log Template and Some of Its Details

For the driver, counting the mileage is an important to know. This matter will be nice, especially to make a report about the journey. Then, it is also important in order to know when to see the mechanic in order to keep the condition and performance of the car. In this occasion, we will talk about some details of mileage log template.

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In talking about the mileage log, there are some details to see. I am sure that with seeing the details of it, you could arrange the best template with clear information. To know the detail of it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

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Contents of a Mileage Log

The first matter inside the detail of mileage log template to know is the content of the mileage log. The contents inside the log will show you what to write inside it. There are some important contents inside the mileage log. The contents are:

  • The date of the business trip
  • Starting points for the trip. This matter could be the office of the job site
  • The ending of the journey or the destination
  • The reason of your trip
  • Starting mileage of the car before the trip
  • The ending of the mileage of the vehicle after the trip
  • Tolls and other costs, which are needed inside the trip

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Well, inside this mileage log template report, you need to record each trip as well, especially for the beginning and the ending mileage. The data will be very useful for the further action.

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Types of Business Need the Templates

Another matter to talk about the mileage log is the kind of business that need its service. Yes, this matter will be very important, especially for those who run business to get more profits. There are several types of the business, which need the templates. The kinds of it are:

  • Driving between officers or the work sites

This matter should be clear. By the driving data, of course you could make a report of the mileage with an easier way.

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  • Errand and supply stops

Here, when you drive to the kind of the supply store, you could deduct the mileage from the taxes each tear.

  • Airport travel

For those who drive the airport in having trip, here you could deduct the miles as the expenses.

  • Unrelated odd jobs

Some income of the babysitting, landscaping, and other could be the business expense.

  • Temporary job sites

Driving to the kinds of temporary jobs, such as contractor and other workers could be inside the quality of the mileage deduction.

  • Seeking the new employment

When you look for the new jobs, you may use the miles of your driving as the point inside the interviews.

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  • Customer visits

The standard of the mileage deduction could be the thing in having discussion with the customers.

Mileage That Out from Qualify

To make the consideration, you also need to know some mileages that are outside the qualify. Some kinds of that matters that you need to know are:

  • Commuting
  • Mistake people make
  • Missing information
  • Calculating deductions

That is all about the mileage log template. For those who needs the examples of it, you may go online to get it.

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mileage log template will be helpful for those who look for the driving report. There are some points to know in order to get the best template.

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