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For those of you who often travel by plane, you are definitely no stranger to mileage. What is the mileage? Mileage is the distance traveled when traveling. Actually, mileage means the distance traveled by someone to travel from one place to another.

Mileage is not always about the distance traveled by airplane, but indeed “mileage” is used by a number of airlines as a form of appreciation to their customers who have been loyal to using their airlines by providing points that can be accumulated in a certain time. You will later be able to enjoy the facilities of increasing class from economy to business.

What The Function of Mileage?

Mileage on land vehicles can be used to claim tax deductions and record your driving history. The note must be written neatly and periodically every time you travel. Unfortunately, many people only record travel history on a weekly or monthly basis. It will cause an audit of your records, the IRS will not be satisfied with this.

Therefore, to make your mileage record more organized and neat, you can use the mileage log available online. The template is very useful for recording every trip you make complete with the separation of trips for business and for other trips. Separation of travel categories will also help you to avoid subtracting disqualification from the IRS.

The content of Mileage Log

When you start recording your travel history on the mileage log at the beginning of the year, you also have to write it at the end of the year. When taking notes, you must make sure that you are recording according to the correct distance. If you want to make your own mileage log, here are some things that must be recorded in a mileage log:

  1. Date of business trip
  2. The starting point of the trip. It can be started from the office or another workplace.
  3. The reason for the trip
  4. The starting mileage on the vehicle before starting the journey
  5. The final mileage on the vehicle when the trip has finished
  6. Other travel expenses. Like toll or gasoline.

Business Driving which qualifies for deduction

You might have a time wondering what kind of business trip would be counted for deduction. So here is the type of business driving which qualify for deduction:

  1. Travel between offices or workplaces

For this trip, you reduce the distance from one office to another.

  1. Making errands and supply

This type usually applies to those of you who work in a post office, bank, or equipment shop. Because work is mobile, the distance will increase faster when compared to other jobs.

  1. Business trip entertainment

Which includes business trip entertainment is when you invite clients who are potential new clients to drink coffee or tea or invite them to dinner.

  1. Visit service

The reduction also applies if you meet customers at their workplace.

  1. Travel to the airport

You can reduce mileage with fees when you go to the airport for trips.

Mileage is the distance traveled by someone to reach a place. To claim the tax deduction, people traveling on business must make their mileage neatly. Mileage log can be an alternative choice for finding a good template for mileage recording.


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