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How to Make an Interesting Name Tag

As we know, a name tag is a small card which typically pinned on the T-shirt to ease other people to recognize the users. Beside for information function, a name tag has an aesthetic function which is to make the users has a better look appearance even in a formal situation without losing his/her identity symbols. It commonly contains a little information, such as name, and other additional information like division where she/he placed in, motto, tagline, participants or members numbers, and so on.

Name tag typically has a different size depending on its user necessary. But it is commonly sized about 85 millimeters by 53 millimeters and made of plastics. It will need more size if you add the photo on your name tag. Its design also can identify its necessary. For professional one, it is commonly didn’t have much clipart and little cheerful color and sometimes inserting a formal photo. Different from a creative design which usually takes more colorful design which is usually found in the festival, carnival, and other entertaining events.

How to Makes an interesting Name Tag

Before we make a name tag, there are some things you might interest to consider. Here are some information and guidelines on how to make your name tag looked better :

  1. Choose the color

The important part of a name tag is its design. You can select a cheerful color to attract the attention of others. You can select the soft color as well. But don’t forget to keep the basic color as its background to put your name. You can choose white or black.

  1. Considering the materials

Materials hold an important part of the design. By selecting the right materials you can keep your name tag durable and it will affect the printing process. You can select a plastic material to make it water resistant and stand out.

  1. Add some clip art

You can add a little clip art in your name tag. But select the small one and don’t let the clip art dominate your name tag. You can choose a small rose, red tulips, or just make your design interesting. Batik can be an option for creating an elegant and formal theme.

  1. Add a rope

To make it hang over your neck, you can put some rope in the top of your nametag. It will make it easier to see and easier to reach when you want to take it off. The rope color also must suit your design. You can choose the blue one if your background color is white, and so on.

That’s all some tips to make your name tag design. Just remember that this is just a guidance. You can adjust your design to suit your personality. You can make it by yourself or just download the printable template design on the internet.


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