Sample Obituary Template

A good Obituary Template

Some newspapers sometimes provide information about people’s recent death. This feature called an Obituary Template. As it usual function, an obituary template is a news article that reports recent death of a person, usually along with life information summary and provides detail regarding the end of life ceremonies. In a larger newspaper, obituaries are written only for people considered significant.

Nowadays, people are not interested to share information in a newspaper anymore because of increasing advertisement cost charged each year. Besides that, an offline newspaper relatively has a small scope. An average obituary price is relatively expensive even the cost varies by publication. It is increased due to the amount of content, length of obituary and picture or photograph included. So, peoples prefer to share and search for information through online mass media.

Besides that, by using online obituary, you can adjust the template color without worried about advertising and printing cost. You also can share your information as long as you want, because the internet doesn’t have any limitation in term of posting periods or timeline.

What should I consider to make an Obituary Template

Besides considering the price, the online mass media can reach wider scope rather than an offline newspaper. By mass online media, people are unnecessary to print out the obituary and it only needs a few seconds to share the information through the internet. To create an effective obituary, you might need to consider such essential elements :

  1. Personal Information

To announce a person’s death, of course, you have to write the name, place, and date of birth, age, the residence of the deceased, and the time and place of death. So, people can easily know shortly who are death person, and when its death time.

  1. Biographical Sketch

This is the short historical life journey of a dead person. It may include the occupations, last education, marriage, hobbies and interest, and so on. Family members and clans also can be included in this point.

  1. Photos

This is the important part of an obituary. People might be not interested to read the information clearly. So the photos can conclude whole information. Photos selection also have to be considered. Please choose a clear photo to ease people recognize the dead person. Or you can just select the formal photo style.

  1. Special message

This points usually contain a special pray from the family’s religion. It typically contains the best hope to a person to get mercy and blessing from God. Or it can be cited motivation or a special message from the person during its life.

That’s all some guidelines information about how to make an obituary template. You can add some additional information if necessary. If you are worried about cost charged, you can choose online media to share your obituary. It is much less cost rather than an offline newspaper. The most important is, you can inform your family and friends about a person’s death is clear.


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