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How to make a simple Order form

As the costumer, you can also create your own order form template. This is usually happening in an online transaction. The costumes, as an individual or business, send the order form by email or directly send to the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer will consider your form and confirm whether they are agreed or not. If they agree, they will send you the necessary things ordered to your address. `But, if they don’t, they will tell you why they can’t full fill your request. So the consumer can look for other suppliers to meet their needs.

order form template

Order form, in simple words, is kind of business paper which contented the resume of the customer’s order or purchase. In a conventional market we can find this paper provided by the seller. They usually ask the customer to write down their necessary things before making a transaction. After the seller agreed to the request, they will make a transaction. In business term, an order form is an agreement between wholesaler, retailer, or manufacturer to request some things from a direct marketing firm.

How to make a simple order form

As a customer, you can create your business order form template. But you have to make it as simple as possible. The most important, it includes clear information from the customer. Here is the minimum information you should mention in your order form :

  1. Enter your name

If you are a personal customer, please write down your name clearly. It will be better if you mention your full name to avoid disorientation from the supplier. Or, if you are a business customer, write down your company name in the top middle of your order form with a capital letter.

order form template

  1. Write your address

Of course, this is the important information of the customer. They can’t deliver your package if you don’t mention your address clearly. Please use your current address or business location to minimize the undelivered order.

order form template

  1. Ordered things

This is the most important part of the order form. Please think carefully before you order something. Make sure all of your necessary things are written down completely. This is to avoid double order and inefficient transaction.

order form template

  1. Other information

After finished making order form, please recheck your order. It will be better if you mention your phone number to anticipate when the sender’s need your help in term of delivering process.

order form template

You can also write the total amount of your order, to minimize inaccurate calculation of the order. Don’t forget to sign your form to make the seller sure that you are ready to make a transaction and agreed with all of term and condition applied.

That’s all about the general information you should mention in your order form. You can make it by yourself by Excel, Word, or just search the free template on the internet. Just make it simple. The most important is, both seller and customer understand what of each parties needs.


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