Sample Pay Stub Templates

All About Pay Stub Templates

The pay stub templates might sounds unfamiliar to for some people. If you have not known about it yet, you might know about several of its synonyms that more popular, such as paycheck stubs or pay slips. This kind of stubs contains a detailed list of your pay. It can be released monthly or in a certain period, depends on your company management.

You can see the pay stub when you receive the paychecks. Several states need the pay stubs in the United States; even no federal law expects them to make the written pay statement. But the Fair Labour Standards Act still requires the pay stub to help you and the company to track the work hours of the employee.

Type of Pay Stub

There are two main types of pay stub templates, first is the for the printed form, then the second is the digital ones. Both of them has its own positive and negative effect. If your company are a concern to the environmental and cost issue, the digital pay stub can be your right choice. The digital types also provide easier management both for you and the company. All the employees could check it by their self in their emails or online payroll system.

Another type of pay stub is printed paychecks. This one is the oldest and most used pay stubs type in several companies. The printed pay stub can be found on the physical paychecks. It mostly attached to those paper through the perforations.

Pay Stub’s Benefit

Even pay stub not familiar for you, you should consider using this now. There are tons of benefit that you can get by using the right pay stub for your employee. But many people don’t know the interest it. Here are some of the benefit that you can obtain from it:

  • It provides us clear personal information about the employee
  • The pay period’s dates
  • The pay rate of each employee
  • Details of employee’s earnings
  • Details of employee’s taxes and deductions
  • The withheld taxes, like federal income taxes
  • Pensions or retirements plan

Why Should We Provide Employee’s Pay Stub?

Pay stub provides excellent benefit for both the employee and the employer. If you were an employer, the pay stub is useful to help you manage the tax purposes efficiently. It also can help you to resolve any of discrepancies with the employee pay.

On the other side, if you were an employee, the pay stub gives you a wages record, help you to understand about the taxes, deductions, and contributions. It also allows you to make sure you are correctly paid. Other functions of the pay stub are it can be an income proof which you will need when you apply for visa, loans, or credit.

That is all the information about the pay stub templates from us. The models is pretty beneficial for everyone. You can use the digital or printed themes available on Pinterest.


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