Photo Release Form Sample

The simplicity offered by technology today is indeed felt. Nowadays people prefer to buy mobile phones with good camera quality rather than spending more money to buy a camera. So now people are increasingly free to take an object to be photographed.

Of course, this has both positive and negative effects. Some people often forget that actually a photo or picture can be posted or used if it gets permission from the owner or through a proper and legal process. It may not be a problem for professional photographers, business, and firm. However, for professional photographers, business, and firm, they will be in trouble if the recklessly use it without permission.

How To Get Permission Of Using Picture?

To get the permission of using pictures or photos, the professional ones need to take the legal and official route. They use photo release form in order to secure the rights of the photo. The photo release form is a written document used by the photographer to get permission to secure the right of image publication of people, children, or properties.

Photo release form does as proof that you have gotten the approval to use the photo, picture, or property for your business or other work that originally belong to another. It is safer to do the photo release form before publishing the photo rather than saying sorry after it gets caught by the owner. It will create the worst scenario.

Who is involved in the Photo Release Form?

The photo release form is an agreement between two parties. The first party then will be the photographer and the other one is the person who is being captured. In another case, if it is a child who is being photographed, the other party will be the parents or the guardian of the child. If what is being captured is a property or an object, then the owner will be the other party.

Before the photographed person gives the right and permission of the pictures, both parties can review it first to make sure that the form declares are in accordance with the agreement that has been decided.

How to manage the Photo Release Form

Photo release form might be seen as a small effort and only takes little time, but it can save both the photographer and the photographed person from the possibility of messy legality which causes of losing their career or business. Therefore, these are the tips on how to manage the photo release form:

  1. Save the paperwork at hand

Make sure that you always save and bring the template of photo release form with you. It will not take a long time to make it when it is needed. You also need to ensure that you have an available printer or a printer close by.

  1. Make sure that your photo release form contains all the information’s
  2. Use words that are easy to read and understand by the clients without creating any ambiguousness.
  3. Check all the information written on the form to know whether it is completed or not.
  4. Contract information written on the form should be valid and visible

A photo taken by using an object such as a human or an object requires permission so that the photo can be published. To do this, you need a photo release form template to manage permissions to the owner of the photographed object or the photographed person.


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