Plot Diagram Template

Plot Diagram Template and Its Functions Inside Literature

When we are talking about the plot, of course the first sight of us will see the literature side. Yes, as we know, literature is one of interesting matters to talk about. It tells about the stories, novels, and others. Well, the plot becomes the main intrinsic element inside the literature products. That is the reason why learning about the plot diagram template is needed and important.

By knowing the plot diagram of the literatur product, of course you could know the theme of things discussing inside the work. Or, it could be simply said that to know what the literature product tell, you need to know the plot of it first. Without knowing the plot of the novel, short stories or others, I am sure that the moral value inside the literary works cannot be gotten well.

Types of the Plot Diagram Templates

To get the large knowledge about the detail of plot diagram template, of course you need to know some types of it. Yes, there are many kinds of the plot diagram, which will help you reading the literary works. It is the use of plot diagram for the readers.

For the writers, of course the plot also gives some great usages. With the kinds of the plot diagram, the writers could do some innovations in building the story. The unique plot also will deliver the unique story. The kinds of the plot are:

  • Box plot
  • Color coded
  • Plot curve
  • Plot structure
  • Plot graph
  • Plot graphic organizer
  • Scatter plot
  • Short story plot
  • Simple

Well, in order to make a good story, I think it is important for you to learn about each kind of plot above. You may do another search in order to get the further information.

Parts of the Plot Diagrams

Besides the kinds of the plot, another important matter inside the detail of plot diagram template to know is the parts of it. Yes, the plot diagram has some parts, which could help you making the complete plot. By knowing the detail parts of the plot, of course you also could make the story with the unique plot easier.

Then, what are the parts of the plot? Please take a sit and read some following writings here.

  • Exposition

The first part of the plot diagram is the exposition. This part is also said as the starting plot. Here, you may introduce the characters of the story as well and adding some essential information to the reader, which could help the reader to know the detail story.

  • Rising action

It is the part of the plot before the climax. The rising action consist of the events, which will be leaded to the climax. In simpler, this plot part tells about the development of events feeling by the characters.

  • Climax

It is the peak of the plot diagram. This highest point tells about the main event feeling by the character. The problem or event sometimes could be very crucial.

  • Falling action

This part is coming after the climax. The falling action reduce the crucial event to make it ‘normal’ again

  • Resolution

It is the conclusion of the story. It could be sad or happy ending or even ended by a question.

That is all about the plot diagram template. You may go online in order to get the further description about it.

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plot diagram template tells about the detail of the plot. For the literary work, plot is the most important intrinsic element, so you need to learn about it in reading literature.

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