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Plumbing invoice perhaps makes you dizzy since it is quite far from your daily work. With the help of an invoice, the bookkeeping is on your hand. Get your invoice like a pro like you. How to make it happen?


This invoice can be used to bill your clients when you serve your services for fixing their toilets, unclogging their drains and other plumbing works. The detailed plumbing invoice will help your clients to know how they should deliver a payment and when they have to do it. the invoices can help you record what your transactions are, and other financial information. It can make all of your business finance on point.


The Invoice Can Track your Business Growth


The information in the plumbing invoice is useful for you to track the growth of your business and to set goals for the future. This invoice will give you many advantages to your business. What are they?


  1. The Benefits of this invoice

Here are the benefits you can get by using the plumbing invoice.

  • To remind you about the payments of your clients
  • To charge your clients for your work
  • To Organize your clients’ accounts and balances
  • To record the financial information such as income and transactions
  • To keep the important information especially as a preparation of the tax time


  1. How To Make Your invoice

This industry is essential for any person. Since your works deal with the fixing of a toilet, mending a leak or any range of plumbing disasters, your plumbing invoice sometimes needs to be customized to fit any given situation. What you need to keep on your main are the main items you put in the invoice. They are


  • Your Company’s name, address, email, and phone number
  • Your Clients’ name, address, phone number, and email if it is available
  • The date and don’t forget to put the invoice number to make it look professional
  • Description of the services, material as well as the price, unit, and quantity
  • The total price of your services is important to get you paid, and the tax as well.


  1. Types of Plumbing Invoice

Since your clients’ needs are different one to another, there are some types of plumbing invoice you need to know such as:

  • Standard Invoice

This invoice is very simple and dry. The descriptions are what your clients need to pay for your plumbing services

  • Recurring Invoice

It is used to collect ongoing services that you provide to your clients

  • Prepayment Invoice

This type is used to collect a deposit or down payment to your clients before you work on their plumbing

  • Time-Based Invoice

To charge your clients for hours you spent while you are working on their plumbing, this type of plumbing invoice is the choice

  • Credit Memo

If you need a note of credit of your client, use this type to take a count on them

  • Debit Invoice

It is when you see an increasing balance of your clients

  • Mixed Invoice

This invoice is a series of credits and charges made to a client’s account

Templates plumbing invoice format ExampleTemplates plumbing invoice word ExampleTemplates Plumbing Invoice ExampleTemplates Plumbing Invoice Example

After you notice them, it is easy for you to create your plumbing invoice based on what you need.



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