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How to make an Amaze Postcard Template

Writing letters are interesting hobbies. Beside it is exercising our writing skills, it has many advantages. You can re-read your letter instead to ban it. For 90s generations, it may seem common to send a letter by post. They have to wait for some times till the letter is sent, and they have to wait once more to get a reply message.

One kind of letters we often to make is a postcard. Even it is relatively the same with common letters, Postcard has some uniqueness. A postcard is a square shaped thick paper or made of the carton which commonly used to write a letter without the cover on it. This is usually used as an alternative to sending a letter without many costs because its price is relatively cheaper than a covering letter and it is didn’t need much sending time. But, the disadvantages of this letter are we couldn’t hide the content of the letter to everyone who sees it can read. So, it is not recommended to send a secret message by postcard.

How to make an amazing postcard

After you know about the postcard, it is better for you to try to make it. Here are some guidelines to make a great postcard template.

  1. Prepare a thick and hard paper

It is to prevent your postcard broken during the sending process. Because it may not only you sending the letter. So you have to anticipate when your paper is stacked with other letters.

To send your postcard, you have to follow the standard requirements paper in your country. In Indonesia, it as 2 millimeters minimum in thickness and 2.5 millimeters for maximum. 1.5 grams for minimum weight and 3 grams for maximum.

  1. Paper shape

Even every paper must be squares, you have to make it 90 degrees on each side. Or your letter won’t be sent as a consequence. For standard requirements, it has been a minimum 90 x 140 mm, and 120 x 235 mm for maximum.

  1. Draw a line in the back of a paper

After your papers are ready, you have to make a line in the back of the paper. The left side of this line will be used to write your messages and the sender address, while the other side will be used to write the sending address.

  1. Draw an address line

In the left and right sides, please draw a line to the placed sender and sending address. Then, draw a small square in every corner to write the postcodes.

Don’t forget to add a postcard sign in the top of the letter, the sender and recipient address.

That’s all the guidance to make a standardized postcard template in Indonesia. You can choose colorful paper to make it easier to find. Because this is a short message, you have to write all of the necessary information and please avoid a secret message. Don’t forget to write your messages, address and the recipient address clearly to avoid undelivered letter risk.


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