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Printable Blood Sugar Chart and What Each Test in the Chart Is Really Meant For

Diabetes is not an uncommon disease anymore. Well yes, we need glucose for our body as the source of important energy. Still, we need insulin hormone to maintain its normal levels inside our body. After all, when they become uncontrollable, they could cause all sorts of health problems, like kidney disease, heart disease, and even blindness. In order to know whether or not you are within the normal levels, you need to take some tests and look at the printable blood sugar chart. What can we really get from each test on the chart then?

Fasting Blood Sugar As the Very First Test of All

Indeed, there is more than one test people can take when it comes to their blood sugar. As the name suggests, the test is taken when you have at least 8 hours with no food and water. That’s why it is called fasting. This very first test we are talking about here helps measure blood glucose. Then, you will be able to check for diabetes and pre-diabetes symptom. Once you take the fasting blood sugar test and get the result, you will know just what to do to prevent worse condition before it is too late.

Post Prandial Blood Sugar Two Hours After Meal

This test is also one to measure blood glucose. This time, the test is done right two hours after you have your meal. Unfortunately, this test is not meant for diagnosing diabetes. After all, it is actually used to see whether or not you consume the right amount of insulin through your meals. As it was said before, insulin is necessary to maintain blood sugar level. This is the very test diabetic person should take. When you know you don’t get the right insulin amount, you can fix things right then.

Random Blood Sugar Whenever the Last Meal Is

Not all tests have to take place after you take meal or not. Regardless of when you have it lastly, you can always take random blood sugar test. Normally, blood sugar levels don’t vary widely. It is if you are healthy. However, if you take the test and it shows that they do vary, it tells you that there is something wrong with the glucose levels inside your body. It is convenient since you can take the test whenever you want. So, if you suspect that you might get diabetes, it is best to take this one.

Glucose Tolerance for Even a Pregnant Woman

Just like the fasting blood sugar, even glucose tolerance test can help diagnose diabetes and pre-diabetes. For this test though, you will have to consume sweet drink with glucose in it first. Then, you can see how well your body absorbs that glucose intake inside your body. Sometimes, even pregnant women can have diabetes. This is the test that is often used for them. Look at printable blood sugar chart after you get the results. You don’t even have to worry about your baby inside.

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