Printable Envelope Templates

Have you ever experienced the moment you need envelope the most but you run out of it? You can simply make an envelope on your own if you run out of it. There are so many envelope templates available online in case you need a unique and attractive envelope to place your love letter.

What The Purpose of Envelope?

An envelope is an item that is used to package goods such as letters both formal letters and personal letters, money, cards, and paper. It is made of light and opaque material, keeping the light and compact material, as well as the confidentiality in an envelope, maintained.

The need for an envelope from year to year are increasing. The most in need of envelopes in daily life are administrative work related to correspondence. Besides that envelopes can also be used to save money, give invitations.

Especially for Indonesians, envelopes are package items that must always be available at home. They use envelopes to pack money and give it to friends, relatives, or families who invite them to a wedding. So instead of giving items as a gift, they give money packaged with an envelope.

The common uses of the envelope

Envelopes are widely used by humans because it can help them in their activities. Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are the uses of envelopes:

  1. The envelope is used to convey secret messages that only certain parties who may agree to have involved can read it. Usually, there is a seal on the envelope as a sign that no one else is reading it.
  2. In business, the envelope is longer and contains company documents.
  3. In the education and government field, envelopes are used to send formal letters, meeting invitations, or graduations.
  4. Bills sent to homes also usually use envelopes as packaging.
  5. In addition, attractive design envelopes are used to place wedding invitations and deliver to the invited guest.
  6. For job applicants, large brown envelopes are something that should not be forgotten that is used to store resumes or other related documents.
  7. Can be used to give sayings such as graduation, wedding, birthday, Christmas, new year and Eid Al-Fitr.
  8. There is also a padded envelope that is used to store fragile items.

The type of envelope

Envelope has many types based on the size. Here are several types of an envelope:

  1. Formal envelope: it is usually used by an office to send a letter to their partner.
  2. Card envelope: it is used to carry a congratulation letter. The envelope has a color that matches the color of the greeting card.
  3. Business envelope: an envelope that is given a company logo whose function is to give a sign that every letter or document that uses the envelope is clear who the sender is.
  4. Short envelope: Envelopes used for small documents and money
  5. Long envelope: Envelopes that have a size F4 that are usually used by job seekers to apply for jobs.

Envelopes are items that are used to package items that are lightweight and compact. If when you need an envelope but you are out of stock, envelope template is the right solution for making do-it-yourself envelopes.


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