Printable Monthly Student Report Template

Why Monthly Student Report Needs to be Created

If you are a principal or a teacher in a school, you might need to make monthly student report template because it has the benefits for the school, the teacher, the students, and also the parents. It needs to be made because there are some advantages that you will get if you make it. The first is, for the school itself, the school will be easier and understand how the development of the students who study there, so it will also make the school able to track and do some evaluation based on it. The second one is for the students, they need to know the reports of the things and the assignments that they have done for a month, so they can improve something that needs to be improved, it is like the feedback from the teacher. The third is for the teachers, it is important for them because they can do the evaluation and maybe increase their performance when it is needed for the teaching method. The last is for the parents, the students go to school without their parents but they need and want to know how their children are doing in the school, so the parents can control and give some suggestions for their children.

Monthly Student Performance Report Template

Some formats that can be written on the monthly student report template are, the name of the student—it is better to make the monthly student report template for every student who studies in that school, the subjects, the name of the teacher who teaches certain subject, the activities that a student takes both academic and non academic activities, assignments and tasks that the students get for each subject, the score of each of the assignments and tasks, the average score in that class. It will actually seem tiring for the teachers because every teacher has to give feedback for the students that they teach, if the school has a lot of students then the things that really need and must include on the monthly student report template are the score of each subject and also the average score in that class because those two things can tell the performance of the students and might be the quality of the teaching method. Even though the score does not tell how smart a student is, but in most countries in this world, it is still applicable to tell that kind of thing.


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