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When you write a study, scientific work, or paper, of course, you need many references, whether it’s from books, journals, interviews, videos, and various other supporting documents. These references will later be used as supporters of your opinion, which will be more valid if accompanied by facts and data. Here some information about the reference template.

The Purpose of Reference on Paper Work

On the last page of a study, paper, or scientific work, there is a first sheet made to write down all references used by the author in completing the writing. This sheet is known as a reference page.
Writing reference pages is not arbitrarily written at will. However, there are particular formats that the authors must follow. Without the form applied on a reference page, readers also cannot understand the reference page more quickly.

As mentioned above, writing a reference page needs a particular format that must be followed. However, if you are confused by the writing format, a reference template that is available online can help you make it easier to write a reference page.

The importance of using a reference page

When you write your reference on a reference page, you also like giving credit to the original author of the reference you are using, and that is important. It can prevent you from plagiarism because you quote without using credit. The following are other things that are the reasons why you need to add this page:

  1. Display how deeply and broadly the research is carried out

The more references, the more extensive and depth the research carried out. Moreover, this will be seen when the author lists references used as sources of writing. It also shows that you have passed much research to finish the paper finally.

  1. Show that you are honest with the results of your writing

Being original and honest are two things that must be held when you do work. When these two things are used as guidelines in making a paper, there will not be the slightest thought to be dishonest with the work you write.

By writing the references used in writing the work, you will avoid accusations of plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs when someone uses someone else’s thoughts, writings, facts, actions, or words without permission or without giving acclaim to the author.

For this point, honest is a crucial issue in doing work. It’s not correct that you are risking your right name for doing something that can be considered as criminal.

  1. Support your argument

An argument can be said to be valid if followed by data or facts that can support the case. Similar to writing, it will be said to be credible and accurate when additional references are supporting the core argument. This point is essential when you write for academic purposes. The case that you put forward for an issue will be stronger with the help of references that you also juxtapose.

The page reference is the last page in a paper that makes references that support the argument in the article. When creating a reference page, you can use a reference template as a draft.


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