Printable Seating Chart

Creating Effective Seating Chart

A seating chart is a way to visualize where the people will sit in a given room during the events. It can be implemented for a personal purpose like wedding party, and graduation or in large scale conference, and other big events such as hold in a stadium.

You can organize the seat as unique as possible or give a different name and number to distinguish every audience who sat. The position of seat rows and column also adjust the room size to avoid overcapacity and un-comfort situation so the audience cannot move freely when necessary.

The number is the most common attribute to distinguish the audiences. For example, in the concert events, the first and second row of seating chart usually given to VIP and VVIP ticket users, and the next chair will be given to regular ticket, and so on.  In a wedding party, the family members usually placed the first row and the next row will be placed by other venues.

How to make an effective Seating Chart

As we explain earlier that seating chart has some functions to organize the audience keep enjoy the events without losing the chance to move freely around. So, here are some tips to make an effective seating chart for personal events:

  1. Deciding the table shapes

The table size will decide the chair capacity for each. So, please select the larger size to make your audience feel comfort by sitting with their groups. You can choose a circle shaped table for aesthetic purpose and add some extra chair in every table.

Besides that, you can arrange the seating chart as simple as possible and easy to read. You can put some number to differentiate every guest who comes, so they can easily find their place where they should have a seat.

  1. Keep your friends and family close

The most important members of your events are your family and friends, isn’t it? Please place them in the first row, or in the place where they can see you clearly and they can move freely. So you can easily found them when you need for photo shooting for example.

  1. Consider about your parent’s friends place

Even this is your events, Sometimes your parents invite their friends to join. So you can group them into one row or column and asked help to your parents about mapping their friends.

  1. Making a separate kid’s table

Some guests may bring their kids to attend the events. So you can consider making a separate table for kids. You can place them in a larger room with a minimum chair to ease them play around and avoid unwanted incidents.

Not only for kids, but you can also consider creating a special space for smoking men as well. You can place these groups in semi-outdoor area to keep the air circulation’s clear.

That’s all some information and guidance to organize your venue during the events. You can ask help for Event Organizer to arrange the seating chart. The most important is, you have to ensure that all of the audiences feel comfort. Make sure that everyone can freely move about.


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