Project Scope Example

Project Scope Example and Its Key Elements

Inside the project, we need to know the detail of the project scope. Yes, the project scope could be an effective tool to maximize the running of the project. By the use of the scope, of course, the important deliverable inside the project will be explained well. The fact could be the reason why talking about the project scope example is important to do.

project scope example

Inside the project scope, you could find some detail information. The information inside the project scope includes the major milestone, the detail requirement, the assumption, and others. By the document, of course, the decision about the process of the project also could be made well. Especially when the project needs some improvements in finishing parts.

project scope document

Simple Usage of Project Scope

The simple use of the project scope document is to establish the kind of works, which need to be completed inside the project. The documents will describe:

  • Every part of the project that needs to be done or to be finished
  • The result or the end of the project, which is supplied by the customer within a specific budget
  • The limitations about the tasks and works, which allow the project members to do an evaluation and other efforts when it is needed

project scope examples

The points above tell the description of the project scope. With the description, of course, we may see that. Actually, the project scope is an important thing to know and to understand.

The Key Elements of Project Scope

In order to make a good and right project scope, of course, you need to know about the key elements of it. Yes, the key elements tell every part that should be added inside the project scope. With the key elements, the project scope will show a clear statement and why this matter is important.

Then, the kinds of the key elements inside the project scope are:

  • The objectives

This part tells about something that you may talk about when you meeting the needs of the customers. The objectives also talk about the term of the product, the service, or the result of the project, and others. Of course, it is important for the project participants to know the detail of the objectives.

example of a completed project scope statement

  • Deliverable

This matter tells about the results of the project. The part will show the specific objectives. Having the brainstorming could be the way to establish the deliverable.

  • Milestones

This matter is a significant part of the achievement of the project. The milestone is very important in order to know the real position of the project. It also could be the step to do the evaluation.

  • High-level requirements

The part tells about the requirement specification for the project. It could be the summarize about the technical description.

  • Assumptions

The assumptions tell about the decisions or the disclaimers inside the project.

example of project scope

  • Risks or issues

This part tells about the potential problems inside the project. By this matter, you could do your best to avoid the coming of the problem

  • Review and approval

It is the last part of the project scope document. It is important for you to get the review and the approval of the project scope from the stakeholder. Not only for checking but also to make it legal.

how to write a project scope

Well, that is all about the project scope example. Go online to search the examples of it.


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