Rental Application Template

Rental Application Template and Some Detail Information Inside

When you are getting ready to rent a home, room or even the commercial property, it will be good and also important for you to screen the tenants well. Yes, by knowing the condition of the tenants, I am sure that the problem in renting the property could be reduced. That is why we need to talk about the rental application template before you make a deal in renting the property.

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The main purpose of this template is to make the transparent process. With the transparent process, of course you could know what exactly happening or the real condition of the tenant. When the tenant is okay to share the real condition and becoming transparent with the landlord, of course the problem of credit could be erased well. You do not need to worry about it.

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Question to Ask Before Dealing

As we have said before that the rental application document is important in order to know the real condition of the tenant –with all their records, before dealing about renting properties. Here, during the transaction, you are able to ask some questions to the tenant. The question could be the tool to know the personality of the tenant.

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Then, what are the questions to ask to the tenants? Well, here we have some examples of the questions, which you may ask.

  • Why are you moving?

The first question to ask is the reason why the tenant is moving. When the reason of moving is because they have problem with the landlord or problem with the roommate, it should be the sign for you. Yes, it means that the problem maybe will be occur again when they are staying in your place.

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In other side, when you find a tenant wants to move because of looking for the place near his or her workplace or looking for larger place to stay, it will be sign that the tenant is good and the possibility of problem is low. You need to be happy there.

  • When do you plan on moving?

The second question is about the moving time. In this question, you may see the seriousness of the tenant. The serious tenant will have the right time to move. Here, in common, the serious tenant will move as fast as possible.

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  • How long you will stay?

The length of the contract should be stated clearly in the first. In this time, I think you do not need to give the option of additional contract. It means that you also need to know the personality of him or her. When they act goodly, of course giving the chance of additional contract will never be a problem.

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  • What is your monthly income?

It is personal question inside the rental application conversation but it is also important to be asked. By asking about the income, you could see the ability of the tenant in paying the amount of contract.

Well, that is all about the rental application template. You need to be selective here in order to find a good tenant. The good tenant will pay his or her credit regularly. Please go online when you need to know the examples of the template.

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rental application template is an important document for the landlord. The document will help them to find the good tenant and make a clear agreement.

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