Research Proposal Template

Knowing More About the Research Proposal Template

When you are doing the academic research or doing any research for your companies, you will be forced to present the material in professional speech. The research proposal itself will explain the intention behind the research that you do. Of course, it will tell about technique, theory and others. By this matter, knowing and having knowledge about research proposal template is important.
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Yes, the template could be the way or the guide for you in doing the research. By seeing the template will walk in the right road and of course it will be finished in the right time.

Who Should Use a Research Proposal?

Before talking about the detail of the research proposal template, we will talk about who should use this template. As we have said before, this template is commonly used by someone who do research with the different background.
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However, to make it clear, someone who should use this template are:

  • People who write proposal to get a grant for the research
  • Faculty members that look to write the kinds of research papers
  • Employee who need to make research in order to increase their career
  • Student practice writing in order to improve their writing skill
  • Student prepare their dissertation
  • Student conducts the independent studies

Some Requirement of the Research Proposal

Since there are many kinds of the research proposal template ideas, you need to know that each proposal uses the different requirement. Yes, the research proposal for the student who practice the writing idea will be different with the research proposal for someone who does the dissertation.
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Well, it could be concluded that the requirement of the research proposal depends on the kinds of proposal they make. However, there are some basic requirements of it, which you need to know. In overall, all kinds of the research proposal need this matter.

The basic requirements of the research proposal are:

  • The detail of your name and course name (if it is applicable)
  • The student identification number (if it is applicable)
  • The Governing Education Department and the professor or the supervisor
  • The code of the course (if it is applicable)
  • The date of the submission of paper
  • The title of the paper
  • An introduction. It needs your argument why the research is need to do and what is its importance for society or others.
  • The explanation about the research method
  • A timetable of the research process
  • A mention of the ethical consideration
  • A paragraph or more description about the limit of the research scope
  • A bibliography or the citation with the right citation format. It will be very useful to strengthen your research

What is Proper Length for the Proposal?

Well, it is a good question to ask. The length of the research proposal sometimes is asked in order to maximize the writing. Here, we all know that the length of the abstract is around 250 to 300 words. The abstract is around 10% from the total length of the research proposal. By this formula, the proper length of the research proposal actually is around 2500 to 3000 words.

That is all about the research proposal template. To know more about it and get the example of template.

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research proposal template is important to known, especially for the students doing the research. By the template, they could do the research with better result.

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