Root Cause Analysis Template

Root Cause Analysis Template and Its Formulas

Have you heard about what is root cause? Well, it becomes the common question of several people. For the business needs, the root cause becomes an important thing to know. This matter could be the way of maintenance, so the business could be running well. Here, we will talk about the detail of root cause analysis template, so you could know it more.

root cause analysis template root cause analysis templates

We are sure that having problem is a common thing in running the business. However, in order to establish the business, we need to know the problem and how to solve it. The root cause is used to know the first point of something causing the problem. By the analysis, of course, the main problem could be solved well in the right time.

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The Approaches and Technique

In order to do the root cause analysis project, we need to know about the approaches and techniques. By knowing the approaches and the techniques, of course the analysis could be done very well and easier. Then, what are the approaches and the techniques? Please take a sit and read some following points below.

root cause examples

  • Event and casual factor analysis

The first matter to know is event and casual factor analysis. It is the essential matter in order to know what is the main cause of the big problem. By knowing the cause of the problem in every matter, the whole problem could be solved better.

  • Change analysis

The analysis should run dynamic. It means that different problem sometimes needs the different solving. In changing the analysis, you may need some different matters, as information, equipment, people or other things that have relation with it.

  • Barrier analysis

The barrier analysis is the next approach and technique to use in analyzing the problem. It is the important thing inside the detail of root cause analysis template. By this matter, you will be able to know and to choose the exact and appropriate control in solving the problem.

  • Management oversight and risk tree analysis

To see the latest problem and how to solve it, the management oversight and the risk tree analysis is the thing that you need to use. This matter will be effective. Here, you need the use of the tree diagram.

root cause example

Way to Do the Analysis

In order to make a good analysis, of course you need to know the analysis way. There are some ways inside the analysis, which you need to know in order to make the solving problems could be done easier. The formulas in reading the problems are:

  • What is the problem?
  • Why did the problem occur?
  • What measures will be used and be taken in order to prevent the problem occurring in the future?

Well, by knowing the formulas above, you could do your better way. However, you also need to know the other steps. There are several steps, which you could do there. The steps are:

  • The issue needs to be classified by its impact. Here, you need to use your mind in order to read the detail of the problem
  • Make a visual map of the detail of problem. This map will be the good media in order to reveal the cause of the problem
  • Then, finally, select the best solutions based on the kinds of your problem. Try to minimize choosing the solution that give the negative impact for your business

root cause tree

Well, that is the detail of root cause analysis template. You may do research to know the examples.

root cause template  route cause analysis techniques simple root cause analysis form

root cause analysis template could be a useful matter in order to help you solving the kinds of problem to get the better future condition.

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