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10 Hours Shift Schedule Template for Easier Shift Planning

10 Hour shift schedule is a common practice in many jobs. The workdays not as exhausting as 12 Hours shift, while it’s still giving more days than 8 Hour Shift. The shift plan is important to make sure the day coverage is fully fulfilled. Another important thing is to keep the worker fair time to work. In short, it’s about balancing the workforce and the workload. Preparation reserve for the workers that are sick or taking day off also have to be considered on the schedule plan.

10 Hour Schedule Template

There are plenty of options to run the 10-hour shift. To choose the right patterns, it depends on the day coverage, workforce, and the workload. The preference of the company, Manager, and Human resources different. But by considering the needs and the number of workers, the schedule plan could be settled. Here are some examples of 10 Hours shift schedule templates

5 days coverage

The 5 days coverage is commonly applied for bank secretary, school staff, and many more jobs. It usually works on weekdays from Monday to Friday. It’s also single shift for each day. The number of the employee had to be 5 or its multiplies so that each day have 4 employees or team that work for four days. Each employee or team start on different week. It rotates to the next week on the cycle.

6 days coverage

This shift usually spans from Monday until Saturday. If there are three persons, they will take two shifts each day. To make the schedule easier, the rotating day is off, so the day of work is always the same for the employee.

7 days coverage

It means this job needs to be taken despite the weekends. Usually, it works for security, janitor, customer service, and many other job. In this shift, it’s recommended to apply the rotating days. Unlike the five days and six days coverage where the Monday is always free, 7 days coverage requires the employee to work on Monday. To rotate the days, usually the system of 6 days work and two days off is applied. For example, initially a worker works from Monday until Saturday. Then Sunday until Monday is off. And the next week, the worker will work on Tuesday until Sunday. then Monday until Tuesday off. And so on.

Hour rotating shift schedule Employee Shift Schedule Sample Shift Schedule

It’s indeed a difficult task to make the shift plan for the employee. To choose the perfect 10 Hours shift schedule plan, remember to consider the workforce and the workload.

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