Sample Basic Invoice Template

Basic Invoice Template That You Can Modify Based On What You Need


The digital era insists people change and turn into a fast and efficient way of living. It also included in the business. many industries involve virtual portals to advertise as a way to offer their products so they can be closer to customers. It influences their management as well. The efficient and effective management is needed to track the business life.


Basic Invoice Template Offers Simple but Efficient and Effective Orders’ Records

This template gives users the simple one to use. You will face an invoice template without extra features that can make some invoice forms more complicated than you need to be. The basic invoice template can be in the types of Excels, Words, or PDFs. It depends on you to use what is a comfort for yourself.

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All cash flow can detect from the template, which makes it easier to recap and record your business life. It also can be a reference for your business. By using the basic invoice template, you can customize the template based on what you need.


What included in the Basic Invoice Template?

Here what you need to make your basic invoice template.

  1. The Items to Write in the Template

It does not mean that the basic invoice template is an old-fashioned one. It means that it is a simple and easy way to send and give a professional-looking invoice to clients. What you need to write in the template to create it is :


  • The recipient and sender of the template

The recipient is your customers’ identity, such as the name, email address, home address (if it is possible), phone number. While the sender means your business profile such as the name of the company, address, phone, and email, do not forget to put your company logo.


  • Description

It is about what items are ordered by customers. The description is in detail to make sure that the ordered items based on what your customers want to buy. In the report, you also note the number of items ordered.


  • Amount

It is an important one you will get paid based on this part. It is about the prices of the ordered items.


  • Total

It is the total price that your customers have to pay what they order.

  • Privacy Policy

It is also crucial to note in the basic invoice template. It is to highlight the terms and conditions if there is an unwanted situation.


  1. The Benefit of Basic Invoice Template

Since it is simple to use, the customers will not get confuse to read the invoice. What they need is to notice the items ordered and the total price. This basic invoice template will help them faster than the other ones.


After you know what basic invoice template is and how to make it, this is the time for you to create your own to ensure your success. Then, make it digitalized!


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