Sample Eviction Notice Letter

Important things about Eviction Notice Letter

Have you ever heard about Eviction notice? well, it is kind of warning letter from landlords to tenant caused by violation or termination of rental agreements. Just to remind you as well, the landlord is the owner of a rent object (usually in the form of a building) which receive rent payment from the tenant. A tenant is a person or business that agreed on the lease agreements and have a right to use the lease object as long as they fulfill their obligation.

Eviction notice

While eviction itself is a tenant’s legal movement process of a residential property. Failure to pay rent cost on time, violate the requirements in the lease agreements, and other illegal activities of the tenant indicate the eviction from the landlord legally. However, the landlord couldn’t be evicting the tenant immediately after the agreement’s violation happen. He should follow the law’s procedure. After receiving the Eviction Notice letter, the tenant should comply to leave the property. There are two kinds of notice : (1) Curable and (2) Incurable. Curable notice has a possibility of the tenant to “curing” this problem. While the incurable notice, the tenant has no choice unless should leaving the property in a specific time.

How to evict the tenant in a law procedure

As a landlord, you have a right to evict the tenant when they did a violation agreement. There are some steps to do an eviction in a legal way.

  1. Notice the tenant

Before you sent the eviction letter to the tenant, please inform them about the violation (late payment or another rational reason) so they can immediately notice and solve the problem.

Eviction Notice Template Word


  1. Clarify the tenant’s issues and try to solve it

As explained earlier, the tenant has a specific time to deal with the issue. As a landlord, you have to try to offer the solution such as giving them the choice about it. You can ask the tenant to pay as soon as possible or quit.

Free Eviction Notice


  1. Prepare the eviction letter in a court

When the tenant couldn’t cure the issue during the period of time given, the landlord can go to a court by bringing a copy of return receipt and filling the eviction letter.

Landlord tenant residential eviction


  1. Prove your case in the court

After the landlord finish to complete the required documents, now you can go to the local courthouse to against the tenant.

If the tenant couldn’t pay the rent cost, he has no big possibility to pay a lawyer. So, it will ease the landlord to win the case.

Move Out Notice to Landlord


  1. Evict the tenant

If the landlord wins the case, the court will give a little period of time (commonly 1 week) to the tenant to pack its personal properties to move immediately out. But, when the tenant doesn’t move out in a given time yet, the landlord can do a forcible eviction.

Notice of Eviction for Nonpayment

That’s all about some procedures to terminate a lease agreement with the tenant. The Landlord should negotiate the tenant first before evicting them and try to resolve their issues. Please make eviction letter correctly and complete the documents required before going to the court.


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