Sample Grant Proposal

Sample Grant Proposal and Its Detail Component

Do you know about the grant proposal? Well, for those who are familiar about making event, I am sure that you also will be familiar with the grant proposal. Yes, in simple, the grant proposal is a document creating by the members of an organization (usually the non-profit organization) to request some funds or money. It is important to learn about the sample grant proposal, especially for the activists.

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Yes, by learning about the grant proposal, of course, you could make a planning of an event. Here, the proposal will be very useful to run the agendas and events with the success way. In this occasion, we will talk about some components inside the grant proposal, which maybe could be the learning sources, especially for those who want to know more about it.

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Please take a sit and read some following writings about the grant proposal below.

Basic Parts or Elements of Grant Proposal

To make the good and right grant proposal, of course you need to know the basic parts and elements of it. Yes, the detail of the grant proposal will be an important thing so the proposal could be written well. There are some kinds of the basic parts of it. The detail parts inside the grant proposal are:

  • Abstract

The first part is abstract. The abstract is important to write because it shows the summary of the whole document. It means that people will know the detail of your document content by reading the abstract.

example of a grant proposal

  • Statement of needs

After showing the abstract, you need to write about the statement of needs. This part tells about the issue, problem or the situation why the proposal is important and need to write. Of course, in order to gain the attention, the statement of needs should be added by some evidences.

  • Description of the project

The next thing inside the grant proposal is the description of the project. Here, you need to make a complete description about the project and the detail planning. It could be the consideration of the target before giving something that you need.

example of grant proposal

  • Goal to be achieved

In making the grant proposal, you also should mention the goal of the planning. The goal is important to tell in order to make sure that your project is good and there are many usages of it, especially for the society.

  • Plan of action

It is the most important about the detail of sample grant proposal. The plan of the action tells about something that you will do. Yes, when you tell about the problem, this part tells about the things to solve it.

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  • Evaluation

The evaluation tells about the monitoring of the project. Here, when you act the project, you still need to open the part of evaluation. By the evaluation, of course, the project could be maintenance well.

  • Estimated budget

This is also an important thing inside the grant proposal. For the grant proposal, the estimate budget will show the total need of you. Here, you need to make a clear and detail budget evaluation.

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That is all about the grant proposal. Go online to get the right sample grant proposal to learn.


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