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For you who have income from any kinds of leased things, we provide a simple and clear sample lease invoice. Let’s check this article out.



As the property owner, you must have a right to receive the lease income from the leased things. To simplify the billing method and payment system, a sample lease invoice seemly important to know. You can make a lot of invoice form model from any lease transaction, such as general lease invoice, vehicle lease invoice, office lease invoice, and so on that will detail explained in the next point.


The important part of the invoice is how you explain what you want, that is, of course, the payment amount. Then, select the right template for every transaction also being less ignored. For the rental lease, for example. You can tell the leaser how many hours they spent and how much is a cost charged per period. So, they can easily estimate how many they should pay before they are certainly leasing your property. Then, other charged fee also should be included to avoid any misunderstanding.


Sample Lease Invoice

Here are the several example forms of sample lease invoices. It starts from the most basic form until the less used one.

  1. Lease invoice template

The Most basic lease is generally aimed to inform the lessee about the general description and unwritten agreement about lease transaction. The lessor, as the invoice issuer sends the invoice to lease as the party who used the property to make a certain amount of payment in a certain period.


  1. Car lease invoice template

Most common use invoice is to inform the lessee about the detail transaction. Not only the payment method or financial relation, but the car lease invoice also explains the agreement for both parties. The premises stated more deep explanation all the term and condition charged. Don’t forget to include the lease object and the amount agreed. Give your both signature to show that the invoice is a legal one.


  1. Office lease invoice template

A Little bit different with car lease invoice, office lease invoice must be started with exports and imports detail order. Then, it consists of the detail explained good ordered, quantity, the price per unit, cost or fee charged, the total amount should be paid, and other important information.


  1. Vehicle lease invoice

The general explanation of this invoice is included in point 1, and the differences still occur on this kind of invoice. The vehicle lease invoice shows the detailed description of the vehicle leased, such as the year, the vehicle model, where it is made, and license plate number. Then, this invoice also includes some term from the lessor and the penalties charged when one party made a wan-presentation.

Templates lease invoice ExampleTemplates vehicle lease invoice ExampleTemplates commercial lease invoice ExampleTemplates home lease invoice Example

That’s all several forms of sample lease invoice you can make. That invoice sample isn’t as tricky as you can read. For more straightforward usage, you can download an empty template and fill the blank form. Or, you can make it by yourself for more specific necessary.