Sample Maintenance Schedule Template

How to Use a Maintenance Schedule Template

A maintenance schedule template helps you schedule the maintenance jobs of any assets that you have, including your appliances, facilities, vehicles, machineries, etc., more strategically. The printable template offers an understandable visual clue of everything that you, your employees, or your contractors have to do to keep your assets in a healthy and working condition. To use the template to design and prepare your maintenance schedule, here are the steps to take.

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Know Where to Get the Template.        

Thanks to the internet, finding a maintenance schedule template is one of the easiest things you can do today. Besides using online search engines, you can also rely on the online template repositories of your word processing or spreadsheet application. On Microsoft Word, for example, you can search for specific templates immediately after you start the program.

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Choose the Right Maintenance Schedule Template.

There are several types of maintenance schedule template that you can use to design your schedule. They are distinguished by the following factors.

  1. Asset Types

A certain template might be useful for scheduling the maintenance of a static asset, such as a building (air duct, roof, floor, etc.), whereas another template might be better for vehicles and other moving assets. A maintenance schedule template for a building can be modified using a word processing application to work for a vehicle; however, if you can find a template that is ready for printing without prior editing, that would be better.

  1. Timescale

You can create a weekly, monthly, or annual maintenance schedule template or download it from the internet. For assets that don’t require too frequent maintenance, such as a rented building or an air conditioner, an annual or semiannual template might be usable. Use a weekly or monthly template for something that needs more frequent monitoring, such as a vehicle or living organism (plant, pet, animal, etc.).

Do the Necessary Modifications.

After you find the right maintenance schedule template, you can immediately print it if no modification is needed or modify it as necessary. A generic vehicle maintenance schedule template may have included all necessary maintenance jobs that a vehicle owner has to do, but if you are dealing with assets that require more specific handling, you may need to modify the content of the template or even to download a blank template that you can then fill yourself with the specific jobs required. Print the template if you are happy with the modifications.


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