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All About The Periodic Table Printable

Periodic Table Printable is a must have things for the students, especially those who study in the science major. This printable table is pretty helpful for your chemistry lesson and practice. Dimitri Mendeleev first developed the periodic table, but now it organised by IUPAC. Each element in that table is placed neatly by their category and period. The placement of it is used to show the relationship between each component. It also contains some necessary information about that element, like the atomic number and electric sequence.  So if you are having this table on your hand, you won’t face any problems about remembering any chemical elements anymore.

printable periodic table


Introduction about Periodic Table

Each student must have a Periodic Table Printable to help them study the chemistry lesson. Because the table is pretty important, especially for any science students. It contains approximately 118 elements which arranged by IUPAC or known as The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Each item is grouped correctly according to its period and category. So it will make us easier to understand and remember a lot of elements at once time.

printable periodic table

1. How to Use The Table of Periodic

The elements in the periodic table were divided into several cells. Each cell in that table represents an element. The rows and column in the periodic table have their function. The column serves the groups of the component, and the rows show the periods.

printable periodic table

Each element is different, but it might have similarities, so IUPAC is grouping and colouring them with the same colour. There are another four blocks which contain different element groups. Those blocks are:

S-Blocks for the alkaline earth metals, alkali metals, hydrogen, and heliums

P-Blocks which includes groups 13 to 18

D-Blocks which includes groups 3 to 12

F-Blocks it always placed below the periodic table, contains both the actinides and lanthanides elements

2. The Table’s Cell

There are plenty of cells in the periodic table; each cell has its element and information about it. The periodic table’s cells mostly contain at least two information about the elements. The top section of the table usually includes an atomic number of the elements. Then at the centre of it, there are 2 alphabetical symbols which represent the atom element. Under the cells, there is the name of those elements, which mostly written in the Latin language.

printable periodic table


3. Other Information in Periodic Table

The periodic table can contain a lot of information about an element, such as its name, atomic mass, the sequence of an electron, ionisation number, etc. We can identify the atomic mass of a component by seeing the decimal number which mostly written under the symbol. Then for the electron sequence, we can know it by seeing the negative or positive logo which following the elements. It may vary from the + to 3+ or more, depends on the elements. The example is Na+ and Cl-.

That is all the necessary information about the Periodic Table Printable. Now let’s print one of those periodic tables to help you studying chemistry more comfortably.


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