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For you, a photographer who is struggling to find a solution to bill your clients, a sample photography invoice article below will perfectly eliminate your worries. Let’s find out.



Photography is an independent service which allows the photographer to do their jobs without any commercial management and based on the clients necessary. After doing an awesome photoshoot for your clients, you need to inform them about what you billed for. So, a sample photography invoice will make you spend more time to shoot rather than thinking about the billing system. As other invoices do, a photography invoice made to simplify the billing method without spending more time as a manual system do. You need to send it electronically or print it out and send the letter to the post office. However, the first method is commonly used in the digital era.


When you don’t know exactly where to start making an invoice, you can follow this guidance:

  • Identify the jobs (photoshoots, photo editor, etc.)
  • Determine the fees driver (hour rate, etc.)
  • Listed item (paper types, the film created, etc.)
  • Subtotal payment


  • You can start to develop your invoice by put that essential information. For addition, you need to put your company or personal identity (just if you are a freelancer) and other optional details if necessary.


Types Of Sample Photography Invoice

Are several types of sample photography invoice that you can use to bill your clients. The invoice type is based on the payment method.

  1. Standard Invoice

Most basic form invoice is an approved invoice. This document is used to inform the clients how many they owe for the performed jobs. This simple invoice structure is initially similar to another invoice as well. It consists of the service performed, the late hour, and the subtotal payment should be made. Then, the additional information like the term and payment due date is usually included.


  1. Prepayment Invoice

The invoice can be issued for your clients when you ask them to pay some deposits. This invoice is very helpful when you served a large package of photography service, and your clients cannot pay the total bill. So you give them the chance to pay full at the end of the session after you complete the obligation.


  1. Time-Based Invoice

Invoice is used for billing a client when the total payment is based on how long the project or shoots take. This is usually happening for a rented photographer for pre-wedding, and other specific events.


  1. Credit and Debit Invoice

A human being, any mistakes or errors commonly happens. Credit invoice is given to notice of a refund for some amount of money. Then a debit invoice issued to let your clients know that they owe an excess given amount of money.

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Knowing the sample photography invoice types, you are hopefully can adjust the invoice depending on the important events. You might realize how substantial is your clients’ conformity when receiving the bill. So, the right invoice will give them a clear understanding of what are you bill for, and how you customize it.





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