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Have you arranged the sample plumbing invoice? Well, if you don’t, you will be familiar soon by following the topic that will be discussed here.


A plumbing service invoice contains the work or services completed or as requested. The plumbers usually start to preparing the invoice after the job is done before go to the next destinations.

What Is The Sample Plumbing Invoice’s Importance?

Just remember that invoice is might seemly an ordinary paper. But this document will cause a big impact when you are in a big trouble. The plumbing service invoice serves a record to keep tracking the business transaction. This paper used as the business evidence to show you how many amount of money you gain from all of your hard work.


This is also can be used to guarantee you clients. Some people may avail of plumbing service and aware when they want to employ the plumber. They are too worried to keep their safe from person who pretended to be a plumber which apparently they are rob. So, this invoice helps you to guarantee your clients and show them that your business invoice is a legal and genuine one.


In general, plumbing service invoice consists of three basics information:

  • The business information: includes your business names, business address, contact number, and the workers’ detail information if you aren’t the one who did the job.
  • The served goods or services: the main content of plumbing invoice is to make sure all the products rendered. It also completed with the price for each item.
  • Customer’s information: all information about the person or company or parties who you served the job for.

How To Create A Plumbing Service Invoice?

Here are the recommended steps to simply create your sample plumbing invoice.

  1. Create the format

Even the invoice hasn’t any standard, you can start to create it by identify the necessary information you want to include. The most important, your invoice is easily understood and readable. You can create it by manual way to adjust your proper style or download it whichever suits your jobs needs.

  1. Write your name and your clients’ other important information

Don’t forget to put your name and other personal information like number, address, etc. This information not only for independent plumber, but also for the managerial company where you work for.Then, don’t forget to put the recipients of your goods or service and their detail address.

  1. The service detail and payment description

Write down your service with the price each of them. Then, add the payment detail information to let your clients know how much they owes, and how to pay you.

  1. Other information

This is an optional information to include. If you need to tell the payment term such as due date and lateness penalties, you can write it down here. Please use an understandable language to avoid any misunderstanding.

Templates plumbing invoice word Example Templates plumbing invoice format Example Templates plumbing invoice forms Example

So, that’s all the information about what is plumber invoice, what is the function and how to create a sample plumbing invoice completely. This document can be easily made as you follow above guidance. Don’t forget to use a formal font to create the professional invoice.

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