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An invoice seen from the perspective of the customer is a purchase invoice. However, from the business’s point of view, it is considered a sales invoice. What is it?

A sales invoice is a legitimate payment request document sent to the customer. The contents of the document are the proof of a transaction happened between two parties, the customer and the business. An invoice also contains every detail the customer needs to know regarding the payment. Invoices nowadays have grown exponentially with the presence of technology. The business does not need to send a physical copy of the invoice anymore. Anything was written will be sent as a digital document, including an invoice. But even after all those development, you still need to make your invoice. The best and easiest way to make a sales invoice is by using a sample sales invoice.

Use of sales invoice

Invoices are a very important part of a business transaction. An invoice can minimize every transactional error between the business and the customer, especially payment. An invoice also acts as proof of transaction for both the business and the client. The use of sales invoices is very common in the practices of transactions. But the sales invoice does not limit to product sales, but also services. For example, a designer or a constructor use sales invoice to bill their client and record their transactions.

Contents of a sales invoice

Earlier we have mentioned that in making a sales invoice, you would need a sample sales invoice. To let you know how to pick a suitable sample sales invoice for your business, here are the contents of a good and simple sales invoice.

  1. Include the client’s and your business’s information details. Contacts, location, name, and other relevant details. This information needs to be in an invoice so you or the client can contact each other if either of you needed to.
  2. Add a description of the products or services sold to the client. This includes the product or service’s names, cost, quantity, and taxes. This part is important for transparency between the business and the client, to maintain trust and good faith. Do not forget to add up each cost with taxes and discounts (if there are any) to a total amount that needs to be paid by the client.
  3. There are also payment details on an invoice. This includes the steps of payment, the preferred methods, and the due date of payment. But this part needs to be discussed first with the client to prevent miscommunication.

A good sample sales invoice can help you make your sales invoice and covers all of the information mentioned above. Making a manual sales invoice in written physical form invoice is discouraged because it takes too much time and often omitting a lot of important details because the party that made the invoice forgets to include some of those important details.

Sales Invoice Template Motor CycleSample Sales Invoice TemplateFree Sales Invoice TemplateSales Invoice Template

Make sure your invoice is good and ready before sending it to the customer. A good invoice can be the decisive point of the payment of the work you have done for the customer. Pay attention to every detail and good luck!