Sample Wanted Poster Template

When a person, organization, group, or company has essential information that needs to be conveyed, they usually use print media so the target audience can directly receive that information. One of the printed media used is a poster. A poster is an announcement or advertisement in the form of a picture or writing and is placed on the wall of strategic places.

The use of posters seems not only to promote or advertise products and services but to find lost fugitives. Surely you often see posters containing photos of a thief or other criminals displayed along with personal information from that person. That is what called the wanted poster.

If you, unfortunately, experience criminal acts such as theft, you can use the wanted poster template that is available online in various formats. The template will help you disseminate information and photos of the perpetrators so that the chances of the perpetrators being caught are getting bigger.

History of the Wanted poster template

In ancient times, posters were the only way that could be used to enforce the law and notify the public about the crime that occurred. To facilitate the arrest, they recorded crimes that had happened along with the perpetrator’s identification.

One of the fugitives who entered the wanted poster was John Wilkes Booth, who was none other than the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. This poster is believed to be the first wanted poster made and distributed. At that time, they also offered prizes for those who succeeded in arresting the perpetrators. After twelve days, the posters were distributed; in 1865, the booth was finally captured. Currently, these posters are scarce and auctioned at a fantastic price for each sheet.

General poster functions

Posters are indeed made to disseminate information to the public. This is one of the goals of making posters. But then the poster also has a specific purpose that implies the message that you want to convey. The use of the poster is:

  1. Look for sympathy and support

This kind of banner is generally found when approaching general elections. Prospective leaders are competing to make posters for campaigns as attractive as possible to attract the votes of the time.

  1. Provide information about someone

Wanted posters are included in the second point, which is providing information about someone. Other than to find fugitives, posters can also be used to disseminate information about missing people. Usually, they include photos, the last clothes worn, the final location seen, and body characteristics such as height, hair color, and scars or tattoos that are visible if there are any.

  1. Promote a product or service or film

Posters are also often used as promotional media for a product or service. This type of poster is commercial in nature and is easily found in strategic locations. The goal is that people who see are interested in trying. Likewise, with the film, they hope that by looking at the poster, the community will be involved in watching the movie.

  1. Motivate readers to do good

This one can usually be found on posters made by individual institutions. Like the health department that makes posters about proper handwashing, or election commissions that remind us of the importance of using suffrage.

A poster is a print media used to spread information, one of which is a wanted poster. Wanted posters are used to search for criminals who run away. To facilitate the creation of wanted posters, available wanted poster templates for those of you who unfortunately experienced criminal cases and those who ran away.


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