Scope of Work Template

Kinds of Scope of Work Template and Why Is It Important

For the many contractors, writing the SOW or scope of work is an important matter to do. This matter is quite important, especially for those who handle many kinds of large-scale project of many businesses. Yes, this SOW will be important in order to help you describing the plan to do. In this occasion, we will talk about the scope of work template and the importance of SOW itself.

The Definition of Scope Work

Before talking about the templates of scope of work, you need to know the meaning of SOW. The SOW is also called as the statement of work. The main use of this document is to sever as a contract or the important agreement containing the information about how the work will be performed.

Of course, inside the SOW, there are many important information, which should be mentioned. Yes, some kinds of the important information to show there are milestones, reports, deliverable or many kinds of products and result of the projects.

Why the SOW is important?

Some of you maybe ask about the importance of the SOW. Yes, as we have said before, this document is important because of its contains. Here, the document will help you to make a clear business agreement with the other business. When you contract a regular basis, of course the SOW will help you to define the term of the project.

It is a legal document. The document itself will describe how the work to be done, how the processes of the activities are performed, how the detail of timeline of deliverable and others. Well, there are many kinds of business need this scope of work document in performing the business.

The kinds of industries, which need and use the SOW in their activities, are:

  • Subcontractors
  • Appliance repair companies
  • Event planners
  • Independent contractors
  • Marketing agencies
  • Wedding contractors
  • Decorating companies
  • Plumbers
  • Construction companies
  • Web design companies
  • Software companies

Today, in the digital word, the most companies that have business with other business use the hand of project manager to help them. The project manager should be very familiar with the scope of work. With their knowledge about the SOW, the project manager will help everyone to handle the project in well position, so the project could run better in its track.

What’s Contained Inside SOW?

There are several matters should be written inside the SOW. When you want to make it, the SOW should have:

  • Objectives

The objectives tell about the image of the contract. It should be written reasonable and measurable. However, each part of the business still could discuss about this before dealing.

  • Statement or scope of work

It is the main important matter inside the SOW. This statement show how the process will be performed in order to finish the project. It also needs to show the steps of finishing the project.

  • Schedule

This part is the place for you to create the milestone. The date of each project to completed should be written down clearly here and please write the specific matter to do.

  • Price

The price tells about the cost of goods, labor, and anything inside the project.

  • Acceptance

It is the part that show your plans are accepted by the partners.

Well, that is all about the scope of work template and its elements. To know the examples of it you can read carefully this article.

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