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Screenplay Template Format Guide

The screenplay is a kind of the document making by the screenwriters. It could be said as the specific document to know. Talking about the screenplay template, you need to know that there are some rules to follow in creating it. Well, the document itself actually has 90-120 pages. Seeing the amount of the pages, we may see that it is thick documents.

In making the screenplay, you need to use the specific option of paper, choosing the specific font, margin and others. Well, in this occasion, we will talk about the format guide in making screenplay. Please take a sit and read some following writings below.

The Elements of Screenplay

As we have said before, the screenplay is a specific document. There are several elements inside which you need to know. The kinds of screenplay template elements are:

  • First page

For the first page, you need to use 1-inch margin in right, top and bottom side. Then, for the left, use the 1.5-inch margin. In this page, you also need to use the fade in words and there is no numbering to add here.

  • Scene heading

This element is also said as the one-line description. It includes the location and the time of day. Besides, it also reveals the place of the scene taking.

  • Sub header

The sub header is used to add some distinctions, especially when you do not need to make a new scene heading. You may use it but please use the sub header sparingly.

  • Action

The action is the narrative, which describe the events inside the scene. This element should be written using the present tense. This element includes the scene direction, visual exposition, description and direction.

  • Character

It is the place to introduce the characters. When you need to introduce the characters, use the capital for the name.

  • Dialogue

The dialogue refers to the speech of each character. Well, you will use this format every time. Here, although you use the voice dialogue, you need to write it down. The width of it is 3.5”.

  • Parenthetical

It is another element of screenplay. This element refers to the direction of your detail characters. Besides, it also could be the action. However, the screenwriter is rare using it.

  • Extension

The extension is placed in the right side of the character’s name. It is the technical note, which suggest how the audience will hear the onscreen voice.

  • Transition

Actually, it uses for the film editing. When you write a screenplay, of course you do not need to include this element.

  • Shot

It is an important element to read. This element is used to inform the reader when there is a change about the particular scene. Actually, it works as transition.

Screenplay Basic Guidelines

Besides the element of screenplay template, you also need to know the basic guidelines. Some guidelines of this matter are:

  • Use 12pt size and courier font
  • Left margin is 1.5-inch and other should 1-inch margin
  • Have approximately 55 lines each page
  • The name of dialogue is in CAPS and should be 3.7 inches from the left side
  • The dialogue should be 2.5 inches from left side margin

That is all about the screenplay template guidelines. Of course, there are other matters, which you need to read. You could see the example of it

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