Service Agreement Template

Service Agreement Template and Its Detail Information

In making the business relation, the service agreement template sometimes becomes the important matter to know. The service agreement itself is the contract signed between the contractor, which could be internal or external, and the client. The contract itself is made in order to underline the service, which will be given from the providers.

Seeing the simple explanation of the service agreement as above, we may see that the document actually is essential for the business need. By the document, every party will not be able to underestimate the contract. Then, the client also has the right to protest when the provider does not give the service as written inside the contract or the document.

Metric Inside Service Agreement

In making the service agreement document, it is important for you to know about the metric of it. Yes, the service agreement has several metric to know in order to make a right document. The kinds of the metrics are:

  • Uptime and availability
  • The detail of the actual performance of the company or the provider
  • The response time
  • The notification schedule, although it could be changed based on the recent situation happening
  • The response time of the provider when the client finds any problem inside the project
  • Provision of the use of statistic on demand

You need to know and do some researchers for the further information, so you could know each metric more detail.

The Important Roles of the Metric

Another important matter in talking about the detail of service agreement template to know is the important roles of the metric. Yes, the metric has some essential roles in order to gain trust from the client. The kinds of the roles of the metric are:

  • Description

The description tells about the detail services that are provided by the contractor. For the IT industry, the services sometimes are including the domain name, network connectivity and others.

  • Reliability

The agreement is also talking about the running of the service. It shows how the process to do in order to reach the targets or goals. Of course, there are some milestones, which could be used to know the progress of the process.

  • Responsiveness

This part tells about the action of the company when there are problems or new targets to do. It is also said as the effort of the two parties inside the agreement, which will show the way to reach the goals.

  • Problem reporting

In business matter, problem is something usual. However, the problem should be reported. The agreement should tell about it, so when there are problem happening, they could handle it and the problem will never be bigger.

  • Performance monitoring

Another important matter inside the service agreement is the performance monitoring. The performance should be monitored, especially to maximize the effort in order to reach the achievement.

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Well, that is all about the detail of service agreement template. Of course, you need to learn more about it in order to know the detail of agreement. Then, go online in order to get some examples of it. Hopefully it will be useful for you all.

service agreement template is an important document in order to make clear the agreement between the contractor and client in running a project.

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