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The storyboard is a drawing sketch made by a story writer to be able to convey the contents and story ideas to others easily. Through storyboard, a person can imagine what the story is presented through a series of sketches that have been described.

In short, the storyboard is a presentation of a script in the form of a sketch that is described in sequence according to the storyline. The purpose of a storyboard is to determine the shooting of each scene.
Storyboards are used for video capture, film, or television production that can represent the planned shooting. In addition, storyboards can be called as image translations of what has been written in a scenario.

If you are one of those who works to draw storyboards, you can use storyboards templates available online. In using the storyboard template, you only need to add the images and dialog that are needed. After that, the storyboard will become your own storyboard.

Storyboard templates are usually used by people who are needed to create their own storyboards with little time. Therefore, the presence of a storyboard template is very helpful in making storyboards that can save time and costs and can be modified according to the needs. With storyboard templates, making storyboards is no longer a difficult thing to do.

How to make a storyboard

For those of you who will start making a video project, creating a storyboard is one of the most important steps. Because it will lead to the result of the video. In this stage, the creator of the script must be able to translate narrative stories into a situation drawn in a storyboard.

In the storyboard, a crucial scene will be displayed and other supporting aspects such as background, background music, and actions that will be respected. The following is the stage in creating a storyboard:

  1. Select the storyboard template

The first step is to use a template to draw each scene. You can get it online or make it on your own.

  1. Make a timeline or the chronology of the story

When you decide to make a storyboard, you must first have a story idea that you will pour into the storyboard. Such as when and where the story will take place, how the story will go. All of that can be made coherently.

  1. Determine the storyline

After creating a timeline, then specify where the story will be taken. The function of the storyboard is to tell it as a whole, so it is important to make the storyboard as good as possible so that others who watch it have the same understanding. If the storyline is quite long, you should be able to choose which scenes are able to describe the story as a whole.

  1. Add a description to each column

When each scene has been drawn, it is important to add further descriptions to the scene. Like the background of the story, the setting of the place, time, and things that are complementary to the shooting later.

  1. Start making sketches and designs from the movie or video scenes

The next step is to start drawing on the storyboard. The sketch you draw does not have to be perfect because the most important thing is the direction of shooting, the type of shot, the composition of the image, and the special effects.

  1. Add important information

What is meant by information is like how long the shooting takes and the dialogue that occurs in the scene?

A storyboard is a sequential sketch of a drawing to illustrate a story to make it more alive. In making storyboards, a template that is suitable and suitable for the depiction of each scene is needed. Storyboard template available online can be used or become references in making templates.


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