Sample Termination Letter

A company, to achieve company goals, of course, requires good cooperation between company leaders and their employees. Likewise when the company worked on a large project held by experienced people who formed into a team. Collaboration is certainly needed so that work becomes effective and efficient.

However, when the project or work is running, there will undoubtedly be some obstacles that hinder work, one of which is employees who are not obedient. It is indeed very detrimental to the company. In addition to disrupting the rhythm of work, the person may be able to bring bad influence on the work environment.

What is Termination Letter?

When meeting this situation, the company may consider the termination for the employee. Termination is a condition where someone stops his job from being asked or voluntarily. When this happens, the employee is required to fill in the termination letter.

A termination letter is a form that must be filled by someone who quit his job either because of poor performance, bad attitude, or other reasons. In addition to being dismissed as requested, some employees voluntarily left the retirement age to retirement.

If you are one of the HRD staff of a company, you certainly need a draft termination letter that can be used if at any time it is suddenly required. You can find a termination letter template available online that can be used as an example.

When the termination letter needed?

The question has been answered at least in the above article. However, of course, several other things cannot be tolerated by the company, so they have to issue termination letters. The following are some cases that can lead to being fired:

  1. Employees cannot work properly

A company will usually provide training and coaching to its employees before starting work. When the employee has been facilitated with training and coaching, but his or her performance is still weak, perhaps the employee must be dismissed. Because if the company retains these employees, it will waste its time and money.

  1. Employees cannot adjust to corporate culture

When choosing employees, of course, the company wants employees who can adapt to the environment wherever they are placed. In addition to a diverse background, employees are also required to be able to appreciate all opinions that come from other employees. However, when the employee is deemed unable to fulfill these obligations, the company may consider dismissing it.

  1. Employees do not obey commitment

Commitment is a promise made by the employee, and its determination is reflected in behavior. Some things that show the commitment of an employee is coming on time, completing responsibilities well and maximally, and always giving the latest news to the boss. These things can be a consideration to dismiss an employee if they provide a signal that is not good from the things that have been conveyed before.

When recruiting employees, companies certainly want to get employees who not only work well but also adhere to company policies. However, when an employee violates things that the company thinks are fatal, it should be considered to give a termination letter to dismiss him from the company.



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