The Receipt Template Sample

The Function of Receipt Template

A receipt form is a kind of transaction document which contains the resume that shows that a payment has been received or has been paid. It is usually made to confirm in a written document to the sender that we have received our ordered goods or we have to get our services. Receipt templates usually contain such data: The title of form: The Receipt, the receiver identity such as company logo (when available), company’s name and address,  contacts (phone number and email address), payment date, number of receipt document, the sender identity.

Besides, receipt template contain the detail of transaction: received good (description of purchased good, the quantity, unit price, and the total of payment should be made) or the total of money deposited to other parties. They also usually write the total tax included in the transaction. The functions of those data are to ease the recipient and the sender to recall the document when needed. Each party should keep the document as the transaction evidence to avoid the mistake during the recording process of business transaction and used as business documentation.

The types of Receipt Template

Each transaction has a different name of receipt template. Even there is no significant differentiation, but it is better for us to know how many kinds of this form.

  1. Rent receipt

If you are giving a receipt to a tenant, you need to make a rent receipt. The template contains only one item, that is the total cash receive. For both parties usually should sign the form to legalize the template.

  1. Cash receipt template

Similar with rent receive, this template contains only one form which is the total cash receive or the total cash deposited. In addition, the maker of this receive gives additional information for a transaction.

Cash receive template also made to confirm the recipient that they have already received the purchased goods or services with the detailed information explained above.

  1. Donation receipt

This is the other type of receipt form. The donator needs the receipt to make sure that their deposited money received by authorized parties. The receipt can be a form of letter, mail, postcard, or any form created for the purpose.

  1. Shopping receipt

This is the most common receipt that we can find in daily life. We can get the receipt from the cashier after buying some good in the retail market. It contains the name list of our purchased goods and its price, and the total amount we should pay.

That’s all the information about the receipt template. In general, there is no significant difference for each template. The most important is, the recipient and the sender already did their rights and obligations. If you want to make your own template, I recommend you to make it by Ms. Excel, because Excel helps you to automatically calculate the total payment should be made and receive. So, it can minimize mistakes. Or else, you can make it in another application as long you have an accurate calculation of the subtotal amount.


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