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In most events, the participants should give some detail information such as name, gender, age, and number phone. This is to confirm that the participants are truly who they are. Sign up sheet template commonly used to accommodate this necessary. It typically contains a listed number where people can sign their name and other relevant information.

This helps the committees organize the planning process and help them to prepare the events well. The participant amount can determine how large their room needs, how many chairs and table they should provide, and so on. The sign sheet form also helps to keep some detailed information to recall it when needed.

So please keep the form until the end of the event. It also helps the participants to get some image of how was the event will be. So, please use an interesting and right font when writing the title or detail of your events to attract their interest. You can also add some color to make it have a better appearance.

How to create a sign-up sheet

After you know what is sign up sheet and its function, now you can prepare yourself to make the template. Here are some tips to write a general template of sign sheet form

  1. Download the form

You can search an editable free template on the internet in PDF, Word, or Excel form. Or else, you can create your own design to adjust the events necessary. Ensure that your form is a simple one and understandable by the participants.

  1. The Event detail

After print the form out, don’t forget to put the event detail in the top of your sheet. This is to give information about what events they will actually join.

After they are signing their self, please keep this form to make events stay organized and keep track of all individuals coming and out during the events.

  1. The information required

You have to make sure that the information required is clearly written in the sheet. It typically consists of name, date and month, number phone, and signature (if necessary). The form also may be required to collect some contact purposes.

  1. Presenting the Form

The sign sheets are required to register the participants when they have arrived. So, it is recommended to be placed in an area which the visitor can easily found, like in front of the room, reception table, or information booth. Ensure that all the visitors can easily reach the signup sheet and no unrecorded visitors.

That’s all some tips and suggestion you may consider before making a signup sheet template. Please make it simple but include all necessary information to avoid a confusedness and much time consuming when filling the form. Ensure that all visitors fill all the required information and no missing participant’s tracks.


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