Time Off Request Form

Time Off Request Form to Ask for Temporary Leave to Your Employer in Proper Manner

People work almost every day in their life. However, even employees have their own life to tend to. That is why there is always a need for them to take their leave for certain period of time. That being said, your employer has his/her business to keep running too, so there is a need for you to take your leave politely and make sure that it won’t affect the employer’s business negatively in any way while you are away. To request for the leave, you need to use proper time off request form. There are things to consider when you make the form.

State the Main Purpose in the 1st Paragraph

There are things you need to pay attention to starting from the first paragraph of the time off request letter. You need to know that employers don’t enjoy reading lengthy letter only to catch your purpose in the end. That is why you need to state the main purpose of the letter right from the start. That way, your employer would know what your real intention by the letter is early on. Then, he/she will find and feel the urge to know just what the reason is and keep going with the reading.

Tell the Reason of Taking Time Off Clearly

Now that your employer knows what you want to ask with the letter for, it is the time for you to tell him/her the reason of you leaving from work temporarily. Your explanation has to be clear and make sure it gets to the point. Don’t forget to include the important details as well. They are what will help your employer understand just what you actually want to say. After all, you need to make sure to get things through so it will be more likely for your request to be accepted if your reason is reasonable.

Make Your Letter Short and To the Point

As it was said before, employers wouldn’t want to spend time even if it is just several minutes to read your lengthy letter. They are busy too, so you need to be mindful since the employer is willing to spare his/her time to read the letter. For that reason, temporary leave request has to be short and simply straight to the point. To begin with, there is no one who enjoy wordy letter that feels like taking forever to get the point, let alone finishing it. So, make sure you don’t put too much word in.

Mention the Time of Your Return to Work

Since you are taking your leave temporarily, you will go back to your work as soon as possible, right? However, you have to be clear even for that too. So, indicate the date of your return. That way, your employer will know the length of time he/she has to deal in your absence. They might look for someone to do your job temporarily or you might be the one who looks for that person yourself to help the employer. Either way, time off request form has to include the period of time of your leave.

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