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The Fact You Must Know About Using Timecard Template

Timecard is the log book that includes work hours and calculates pay for each employee in the company. The counting time is including overtime, sick leaves, holiday pay, and vacation hours. Choosing the right timecard template is the best way to organize human resource in your company, to get started let’s know more about the timecard in this article.

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Complete Information about The Timecard

Timecard template is the best medium to track the working hours of the employee in a specific period of time. Timecard can be suitable in any business as the base of paying system. Here is the information about the time card and how to use it.

The Benefit Using Timecard

1)    Create Accurate Planning

Timecard template record can be useful for keeping accurate accounting record of pay employees accordingly with its rate and work time. This can be used to eliminate payroll errors in the company. Timecard is also useful as the scheme that projecting how much time and aid you spend to do a project.

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2)    Tracking The Employees Performance

By using the time card you can also get the benefit of tracking easily the performance of your employees. You can use the attendance employees list in the time card that shows how the worker in your company spends their time at the company job. Furthermore, timecard template format can be used to analyze the problem and address any issues that relate to working efficiency in your company.

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Tips To Manage Time Card

1)    Create a Simple Time Card

Create the timecard by using easy to use and read timecard template base. Do not add the complicate things that will ruin the essential content of time card. Make sure you make the time card filling mechanism not longer than 5-10 minutes each day.

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2)    Train to Fill Out The Time Card

It is important for the company to hold the socialization and training for the employee to submit their profile and working data in the timecard template. Furthermore, the company must announce the weekly reminder to its employee to fill out their time card. The more correct and on time the time card submissions it will cause the clear record of the payroll.

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The Best Variant Timecard Template

1)    Daily Time Card Template

This timecard template type is usually used by the company to track the employees that working all day in the outside event. Besides that it also can be used by the non-profit organization that needs to track their volunteer worked hours of each day. The daily time essentially has the capability to track worked hour at the event in a specific time.

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2)    Monthly Time Card Template

In the monthly time card, you can have a time sheet format of the total hours of employees time work data monthly. This time card has the input data mechanism per day and accumulates into a spreadsheet after the end month. By using this timecard it will help you calculate the precise wages of your employees on the monthly basis.

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Timecard template is an important aspect of the business that has the advantage as the paperwork of employees work hours and deciding the honour system of the company. If you do not have the timecard to track your employees work time then you could be wasting your company money away. So it’s important for you to choose the template of time card that will help you track time of your employees which suitable in your business model.


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