Top 10 Travel Invoice Example


Travel invoice must be relevant, especially for those of you who have businesses in this field. Sometimes you need inspiration for elegant and modern invoices. Invoice design can also characterize your company with specific details.



Travel invoices may not be a stranger to you when you deal with transactions every day. Sometimes you need something new for your invoice to make it easy for customers to remember. Placing a unique design is not easy because it takes creativity.


There are many travel agency invoice format excel free downloads available for you. When you make adjustments to the company with this it will be made easy. Headers are also better if made with contemporary design but still reflects your company. Although available in a variety of attractive designs, invoices must even include service details and total calculations.


Online Travel Invoice For Free

You can get travel invoices online through various sites. Several formats will also be available to make it easier for you to edit. It won’t take long to choose a template that suits your company’s needs. Selecting the format that you are good at will also make it easier for you to process it.


Travel agency invoice format excels download can also be an option. This format will help you to adjust the details table. Besides, company information will also be easier to enter in the invoice.


Travel Invoices That Are Widely Used and Free

References to invoices that are often used can also help you to create proper travel invoices for your business. In general, invoices come with a simple design but have detailed information. Some of these invoices are frequently used.

  1. Invoice at the unit price

This type is more accurate and suitable for multi-item purchase transactions. In this travel company, it certainly can be used when someone orders as a package. Every detail can be entered in the table with the price per service can be included comfortably.


  1. Order invoices without tables

Each company certainly has its style for travel invoices. Designs without tables can also be used as a reference. With the right layout, of course, invoices can be seen comfortably and have detailed information.


  1. Invoice for orders with Microsoft

Files that support the format of Microsoft will undoubtedly make it easier for you to make adjustments. This can be considered when you choose an invoice template. You can use a template that you can easily customize.


  1. Invoices in the form of bills

This is one of the easiest essays but includes detailed information. Invoice in the form of a letter will seem more privacy. This form is usually equipped with an envelope for a more formal impression.


Tips for Choosing A Travel Invoice Template

  • Understand the type of company you have
  • Match the template design with your company
  • Make sure you always provide the appropriate information on the invoice
  • Give invoices to customers immediately after the transaction

travel services invoice templates Sample of Travel Agency Form Template Travel Agency Invoice Form

Travel invoices are not much different from invoices in general. It’s just focused on travel. Every customer order details must be on the invoice. It is also related to the details of the journey to be passed. They see a lot of references will undoubtedly make it easier to create invoices.


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