Understanding Sample Hotel Invoice


Hotels are a perpetual business and will find rare occurrences that you haven’t found in hotels that aren’t open 24 hours. Organizing guests and their needs will be much easier using the sample hotel invoice.



Invoice for a hotel is a bit different from other businesses. Hotel invoices usually filled along with the guest’s duration of staying. With an invoice, you can organize and specify every service distributed to every guest. It can seriously minimize the chance of mistake and confusion. To make your invoice, you can refer to a sample hotel invoice.


Why do you need invoices?

Every business needs invoices. Without using an invoice, most businesses, especially hotels, can be much unorganized. Guest’s rooms and their stay duration can be confused with one another without any recording instrument. Essentially, an invoice is an instrument for you to record every business activity of your company, or in this case, your hotel. This is why you should find a sample hotel invoice to show what a hotel invoice is.


Function of invoice

Generally, invoices function as a billing document to a customer’s purchase. These are the complete function of invoices.

  • As information about goods or services purchased by the client
  • As information about the amount and terms of payment to the customer
  • As a validity document should the products want to be sold again by the customer
  • As a referral, if something went wrong in the transaction or payment.


Those are the general invoice’s functions. Hotel invoices have its difference, but it is pretty much the same (except for number 3).


What’s inside a sample hotel invoice?

A hotel invoice consists of a few things. Some are the same as any other invoices, and some is a bit different. These things are what you should include in a sample hotel invoice. It’s more of the same thing with another invoice; only the hotel invoices include check-in and check-out date instead of payment due. Another difference is the hotel invoice is given after the duration of the guest’s stay. It fills out with everything that the guest did and ordered in the length of their stay.


The payment of a hotel invoice is made directly. Right after checking out, the guest is given the invoice and pays the right amount to the cashier or receptionist. Rarely, there are a few hotels that extend their payment due for weeks or even a month after the guest has checked out.

Sometimes there are also terms and condition that differs from each hotel and some other special arrangements between the hotel and guest. These peculiarities should be included in the invoice as well. A proper sample hotel invoice gives more space for these kinds of happenstance.

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In short, a hotel invoice is important to note every transaction between the hotel. And the guest within the duration of their stay. That is why any hotel owner who wants to find a sample hotel invoice should find one that accommodates every need of hotel administration.