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Use Case Template and Some Details Inside the Documents

Management is the soul of the business. With a good management, the business could run well and the goals of the business could be reached in prime time. Talking about the business management, we may see the use case template as an important part inside it. Yes, this template is an essential tool in order to manage the need of the business.

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It could be said that using this template is important. It is quite reasonable because the use template will outline the particular process to reach the goals of the company. Then, it also could be the way of the employee to know what they need to do in order to maximize their roles.

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Use Case Formats

There is no single idea of use case template. It means that there are many different types and formats of the document depending on the nature of the requirements. However, the most important thing is that people could understand well something that you add in the detail of the use case. As long as the use case consists of the necessary information, you are able to make it in different format, as you want.

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Of course, there is no wrong and right side in making the use case. The right document will tell the true information and give some new knowledge for the readers. However, we may know that everyone has their own ways in telling the information. For those who want to talk about the complex process, it will be better using the descriptive format in making the use case.

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Well, when you are inside the specific company, you need to think about the main format of the use case to use. Yes, it is an important thing for the company because the similar format in making the document also use as the identity of the company.

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Common Section of a Use Case

Actually, you are free when you want to make use case. Yes, by this fact, you are able to make the use case in a unique shape. However, for the specific organization, there are some common terms, which should be known. The kinds of the sections inside the use case are:

  • Name of use case
  • Summary
  • Actors
  • Preconditions
  • Flow
  • Level
  • Trigger
  • Stakeholder

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You may look for the further information to know more detail about the points above. However, in making the right use case template, you need to know about the basic flow. There are some points here which you need to know about the basic flow. The basic flow itself is the best case scenario of something to happen inside the case when facing all condition.

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The basic flows are:

  • Customers visit support website
  • Customers click the ‘generate support ticket’ button
  • Customers is taken to a new page and the ticket will be sent to the support department
  • Customers support representative hold the ticket
  • Customers support representative is sent the same chat box with the previous customers
  • Customers support representative provide hands to help the problem of customers
  • Customers close the chat window

That is all about the use case template. You may look for the examples of the template, so you could understand about it better.

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use case template is an important document. There are some benefits and uses of this document, as the evidence how this document is important, especially for business needs.

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