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WBS Template: The Functions and Benefits work breakdown structure template

When the organizations or the companies start a project, the most important thing that they need to do is making sure that the project could be running well and success as its planning. We are sure that this matter is very important because you need to fulfill the target. This condition is the base why you need the work breakdown structure template

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In this case, we will talk about the detail of the WBS. By knowing about the detail of it, I am sure you will be able to make your own template. This matter will be very useful to gain the success in running the project. Now, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

product breakdown structure

Types of WBS

In order to know about the detail of WBS, the very first thing to know is the types of it. Yes, there are some kinds of the WBS, which you need to know. By knowing about the type of it, of course, you could differ the kind of work breakdown structure template and how to make it. Then, what are the types of the WBS? Please see the points below.

wbs examples

  • Verb oriented WBS

It is the kind of the action-oriented WBS. This type of the WBS is used to take an action, which will be useful to know what to do next in running the project. The detail matter inside this type of WBS will make the company or the organizer more productive inside the projects.

  • Noun oriented WBS

This kind of the WBS is also called as the element oriented of WBS. Here, this type of the WBS has an important function as to list the element of the project. The clear example of this matter is the module, which will show the way to finish the project with good result.

wbs diagram

  • Time phased WBS

The next kind of the WBS is the time phased. This matter will be very useful in order to divide the project into some phases. By this division, of course, you will be easier to get the focus of it. Then, by the divisions, of course the project will look easier and doing the project, of course, will be more interesting.

Benefits of Using the WBS

Since the WBS is very important for project, of course there are several benefits, which you may know about it. Knowing the benefits of the WBS could be the reason why this matter is very nice for you. Some kinds of the benefits of WBS template are:

  • Showing the detail steps

When making the WBS, the project manager will be forced to make the detail about the project. This matter is very important in order to know what to do in every step inside the projects. By knowing about the detail of step, of course you could finish the project with better result.

  • Using as reference of schedule and budget

In order to run a good project from start to finish, of course you need to know the detail schedule and budget needs. Here, the WBS will help you to make a clear schedule and the nice budget detail need. The work breakdown structure template also could be the media to avoid the failure in processing the projects.

task breakdown

  • Build the commitment

Another uses of the WBS is to build the commitment. I am sure that commitment is the nice matter inside the project. By the commitment, of course the project could run well and could be finished in exact time. By using the WBS, the workers could know what they need to do in order to finish the project.

sample work breakdown schedule

  • Promote transparency and higher productivity

The WBS will be useful to help you about the transparency. The workers will be able to know about the detail of the jobs. Well, by knowing about the detail of the job, the productivity of the workers could be maximized.

deliverable structure chart many organizations provide different guidelines and templates for developing wbss ms project work breakdown structure

That is all about the detail of WBS template. For the example of work breakdown structure template, you may go online to get it.

WBS template will be an important matter, especially for you who want to run some projects with the easier way and better result.

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