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Sometimes you need an invoice that can act as a record for every transaction and business. There is a sample generic invoice to accommodate that need.



An invoice is something significant to a business. With an invoice, everything can go smoother, and you can work easier. As something with that degree of importance, any business needs it. There are invoice templates out there that can accommodate a lot of specific businesses. But there is also a generic invoice that can be used for every form of transaction and business.


What is a Sample Generic Invoice?

sample generic invoice is a sample or template of a generic invoice. People from small businesses usually use a generic invoice, because small businesses often only worry about getting their business going. A generic invoice can use in any kinds of purchases and transactions. It is a blank invoice template without any customization. Using a generic invoice does not necessarily lower your professionalism. If anything, a generic invoice only lacks design and creativity.


Besides small businesses, others are using a generic invoice. Freelancers and self-employed workers are other examples of people using generic invoice. A generic invoice is mainly used by people who do not want a lot of trouble handling invoices. Sometimes to compensate for the lack of design, they use or reduce their generic invoices at will. For a first generic invoice that can cover anything, you need a good sample generic invoice.


What Are The Types Of Generic Invoices?

Being a generic invoice does not automatically make a generic invoice a single-type invoice for all things there is. There are a few types that differ from each field of transaction or business.

  1. The first is a standard generic invoice

An approved invoice is maybe what was on your mind in the generic invoice description above. It is a basic invoice that includes only essential information without further specification.


  1. Automatic generic invoice

This type of generic invoice is used in a recurring cycle of billings. It only changes the date and time before being sent to the customer.


  1. Prepaying invoice

This invoice is used to charge the client for a deposit or retainer on a work. That you have not started. It usually an invoice for something paid up front.


  1. Credit invoice

This invoice is usually used to issue a refund or discount from the business to the client.

  1. Debit invoice

For extra charge payment, a debit invoice is sent to the client. Do not forget to revise the total due from the last invoice.


  1. Mixed invoice

This invoice is used to give notes about the delivered goods or services. This acts as an invoice for refunds or discounts too.

Templates generic invoice Example Templates Generic Invoice Example Templates generic invoice word Example Templates blank generic invoice Example Templates Generic Invoice Example Templates Generic Invoice Example

Those are the types of a generic invoice. Usually, a generic invoice is made using a sample generic invoice template. Edit out everything necessary in the template, and there you have it, a generic invoice. Remember, do not forget any essential things when editing a template. Cheers!


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