Workout Log

Workout Log for Different Types to Keep Track of Your Path to Build Up Your Body

Did you dream of getting build-up body that makes you healthy and looking wonderful with? If there is no one who wishes for such thing, there will be no one who hits the gym every day. That being said, building up your body is not short-term path to take. If we are not careful, we can easily stray from where we are supposed to be in the process. That is why it is important to keep track of the process with workout log. There are different types of it and let’s see how their templates could be. You might need one of them below.

Template for the Circuit Workout Log

Depending on what kind of exercises you are planning to do, you will need different template to use. Circuit workout log for example, is one for rounds of group exercises, like 30 push-ups, 30 jumping jacks, and 30 minutes of jogging with 3 times of repetition. This workout is simple, but it requires determination to stick to the plan until you reach your goals. If you do the workout regularly, surely you would be able to get the body you want. That’s how the template of circuit workout is all about.

Template for Your Regular Workouts

How about the regular ones then? When it comes to regular exercises, you will find that they include particular exercises, each consisting of particular number of sets to perform. One exercise must be completed before moving on to the next. That’s the rule for regular exercises. The template will show you what needs to be completed. So, be sure to follow the rule and you will benefit from it. It won’t be as hard to build up your body by using this template to help. It helps you stick to the plan.

Template for Your Interval Workouts

Other than the regular workouts, you might find the need to do interval workouts as well. With this workout template, you can include variety of exercises. Now, you can build up your body without having to do them all separately. Make sure to do them timely and in organized way though. The template will help keep you on the track for sure. With everything to put in the workout, you will surely be able to meet your goals and get the size and shape of your dream. It is no more a dream.


Well yes, body exercises actually vary by much, so there should be more templates especially for them all too. Indeed, those templates are all there for you to choose. Not to mention, they can be customized as you wish. However, those templates of workout log above are the most common ones people often choose. Who knows yours is one among them too? There are circuit, regular, and interval workouts, each with different template to offer. The choice depends on your needs, but it will help keep you in the right track.

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